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Double Security: Cloud and Network Protection

Moving to the cloud creates a more flexible and scalable working environment: companies become more productive, grow faster and employees benefit from greater agility.

However, the cloud also brings challenges. This is because employees carry out their workloads in many places – for example, performance-intensive calculations, big data applications and data storage. The diversity and distribution of networks often leads to misconfigurations and thus to security risks.

In addition, there are threats to the local network infrastructure: new attack vectors such as IoT, remote work and increasingly sophisticated forms of attack lead to additional threats.

With a 24/7 managed service and tailored tools, a cloud workload & network security solution offers a holistic protection approach for a company’s entire IT infrastructure.

The advantages:

  • 360° network protection through state-of-the-art technologies
  • Protection systems for cloud applications (Cloud Workload Protection Platform) – public, private or hybrid
  • Secure remote working through modern VPN solutions
  • Training and security awareness for the workforce

Compliance through compliance with industry standards for cloud and network protection.

Indispensable: Cloud & Network Security
Protect your local networks and cloud services
Many companies rely on the parallel operation of cloud services and local network structures. Protecting both systems at the same time is a challenge. To ensure that all services are and continue to be secure, a holistic view of the security situation, support from expert teams and suitable technical solutions are required.
The biggest challenges for businesses
Why Workload Security is important
Why Network Security is important
Compliance breaches and new attack methods
The combined operation of multiple cloud platforms and local networks confronts companies with major challenges. These start with compliance with standards and laws such as NIS2 or BSI Grundschutz: compliance violations, for example in data protection or risk management, can result in costly sanctions and reputational damage.

The new ways of working also provide more access points for cyber attacks targeting services and data. Misconfigurations of cloud services or security technologies such as firewalls often make it easier to access critical company data.

New types of threats from attackers who are constantly searching for security vulnerabilities in local company networks and attacking cloud services should also not be underestimated.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for securing the multitude of cloud services and local services. This is where the concept of workload & network security comes into play.

Protect your critical data and processes
Workload Security protects company data and applications in any environment - from local servers and IT containers to cloud services. This includes a wide range of business-critical data, including application code, customer databases, company business knowledge and intellectual property.

Such data and services are usually the main targets of attackers. They use vulnerabilities such as exposed API keys, extensive authentication or outdated software to coordinate their attacks.

The broader the range of applications, including all data streams and network interactions, the more likely a security incident is. A single vulnerability in this chain can compromise the entire application infrastructure.
This is where workload security solutions step in to keep pace with the rapid evolution of modern cyber threats.

Protect your Networks
Securing networks is the backbone of modern corporate security: with the latest technologies such as VPN, Identity & Access Management (IAM) and firewalls, a professional network security solution protects network resources and local data, apps and services.

This enables companies to effectively defend themselves against malware and zero-day attacks and monitor network structures in a targeted approach. Internal leaks and vulnerabilities can also be closed with this solution. Sensitive data remains protected and compliance is ensured.

Strategic Protection
Workload & Network Security: Our Services
Tailored Security Strategies
Compliance Support
24/7 Managed Service and Trainings
Threat Intelligence and Analysis
Tailored Security Strategies
After an initial consultation and initial assessment, SITS experts create a customized security strategy to protect all of your company's services and data - from Microsoft 365 and big data workloads to local data. Each security solution is carefully selected and customized following a review process so that no area of your IT is left unprotected. Our expert teams will choose the best option for your company and implement technologies from our partners such as Palo Alto Networks, Cisco or Cato to provide the best possible protection for your networks and cloud structures.
Compliance Support
The compliance experts at SITS check the entire infrastructure and the implementation of the Workload & Network Security solution. They ensure that all current national and international standards such as NIS2, GDPR and HIPAA are complied with.
24/7 Managed Service and Trainings
Once the SITS security solution has been implemented, our experts are available around the clock to ensure your security. Our specialized teams train your employees, continuously monitor your IT for potential security risks and provide direct support in the event of a security incidents. We also provide you with regular reports and strategic recommendations.
Threat Intelligence and Analysis
The combination of advanced analysis methods and threat intelligence enables us to react fast and effectively to potential threats. Our customers benefit from this proactive approach to security, which allows them to consistently stay one step ahead through preventive defensive countermeasures.
Security just one click away!
From Encryption to Zero Trust: Our Security & IT Solutions experts offer you comprehensive security. Benefit from our experience and secure your IT infrastructure with tailor-made solutions.
The SITS Service
Workload & Network Security
Protecting complex infrastructures – from the cloud to the network, from the virtual machine to the database and the end users – takes more than just a security solution. We therefore implement various security technologies on the basis of comprehensive consulting. Your advantage: You receive everything from a single source – and SITS remains your single point of contact for all questions and technical support.

Your Advantages

360° Protection for Cloud and Network
With our Workload & Network Security solution, your IT infrastructure is completely protected: In addition to classic perimeter and endpoint protection, it ensures that all your workloads in the cloud are secure against unauthorized access.
  • 24/7 managed services to protect your network and cloud
  • Comprehensive protection against intruders
  • All services from a single source
  • Full compliance with NIS2, PCI DSS, BSI and more
  • Reduced downtime and cost savings through consulting from our security team

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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about Workload & Network Security

Workload Security protects workloads in various environments, including virtual machines, containers and servers - both in the cloud and on-premise. It uses technologies and measures to protect workloads from threats such as malware, data loss and unauthorized access. Security policies, monitoring techniques and threat detection are adapted to the individual working environment.

Network security contains measures and technologies to protect the integrity, privacy and availability of network data. This includes the protection of hardware and software systems against abuse, unauthorized access, attacks and other threats. Firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), virtual private networks (VPN) and other systems are used to help protect the network and the devices accessing it.

Workload security focuses on protecting the individual workloads within the IT infrastructure - such as applications and data running on virtual machines, containers or servers.
Network security, on the other hand, aims to protect the entire network over which these workloads communicate and which users access. The two complementary strategies together form a comprehensive security concept. Workload security offers a granular level of protection, while network security acts as a broad protective shield for the infrastructure.

Your security is our passion.
For robust protection for your business, contact us.

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