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Your Guardian Against Data Loss

When confidential business or customer data falls into the wrong hands, it can have devastating consequences for companies. Our customized “Data Loss Prevention” package for Microsoft 365 is your data guard – protecting your IT against loss, misuse, and unauthorized access.
SITS combines a range of current strategies and DLP technologies, such as monitoring tools to control data flow, policies, and processes that ensure proper data handling. We classify, monitor, and protect your data and alert you to any activity that violates your company’s data governance rules.
The DLP offering is limited to Microsoft 365 environments like Teams, Office, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc. Here’s an overview of our services:

  • Our DLP package prevents confidential company data in M365 from being stolen, lost, or accessed without authorization
  • Combines encryption, access control, and data classification
  • Ensures compliance and protects your company from regulatory violations

Data Loss: A Timeless Threat

Business and customer data are your company’s capital: If they fall into the wrong hands, you’re guaranteed to experience data misuse, lawsuits, and financial losses. Our DLP protects against several data loss threats when using Microsoft 365 solutions like Teams, SharePoint, or Office.

Preventing Unauthorized Data Access
Business Challenges

  • Data loss: Employees can unintentionally make sensitive data accessible to third parties – through insecure internet access or ignoring policies.
  • Data theft: Criminals can access internal data by introducing malicious code. And dissatisfied employees can copy and distribute data.

Your Assessment & Advisory Team
Our experts for Assessment & Advisory will be at your side: From penetration tests to compliance - we build tailor-made strategies to take your IT security to the next level.

Our Data Loss Prevention for M365

Effective DLP Policies and Measures for Your Company

For your company, we create a “Data Loss Prevention” system or enhance any existing measures in place. It ensures that data in your M365 cloud are not lost and cannot be access by unauthorized individuals. Our DLP includes:

Data Space Concept Strategies
We base DLP on the data space concept. It's a strategic framework for managing and securing data, appropriately storing sensitive data, and protecting it from loss.
Protection and Policies for M365
With our DLP policies, you protect your data traffic in Microsoft 365 services like Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Office applications on Windows PCs and macOS platforms.
Data Classification
The SITS expert team installs or configures Microsoft Purview Information Protection in your company, enabling you to detect, classify, and protect your company data against threats.
Integration in Microsoft Purview
Our DLP solution integrates with Microsoft Purview for classifying and labeling your data.
Always Alert and Ready
In case of unauthorized data traffic or access, the Microsoft 365 Defender portal and Microsoft Sentinel provide alerts – allowing you to react immediately.
Data Loss Prevention: Your Benefits
SITS’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) offers data security and proactive protection: It ensures compliance and control, prevents data loss, and is easy to implement.
SITS's DLP ensures adherence to all applicable data regulations, such as GDPR, proactively securing your sensitive corporate data.
Overview of All Data
Our DLP detects and classifies your company data: So, you always maintain control.
Quick Implementation
Our cloud-native system allows for seamless integration into your existing processes.
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