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Identity Governance and Administration at a Glance

Our IGA solution (Identity Governance and Administration) extends your IAM with critical governance aspects. We go beyond simple identity management by implementing, managing, and controlling identity policies that define access to a resource. Our solution also includes managing access rights to apps, services, and data.

With our IGA and consulting, you can efficiently manage access rights to meet compliance requirements.

The Challenge of Managing Access Rights

Incorrect or missing access rights: A risk to your data

Mistakes in managing permissions are not uncommon: They can happen due to misconfigurations or might be completely overlooked.

Four Solid Reasons for Governance and Administration
Four Solid Reasons for Governance and Administration
When access rights are misconfigured or misallocated, IAM alone won't help – and in the worst case, hackers or unauthorized users could access your data. IGA allows comprehensive control over user access and identities, helping you master the following challenges:

  • Clearly manage access: You define and understand who needs access to your business information.
  • Configure access levels: You identify and set up the necessary access levels for different information and applications.
  • Personalize access assignment: You determine appropriate access for all employees, granting only the essential permissions.
  • Prepare controls for auditing: You obtain a compliant overview of your identity and access regulations, well-preparing you for compliance audits.

Your IAM Expert Team
Get end-to-end identity protection with modern IAM, PAM and IGA solutions – implemented and maintained by our IAM experts.

IGA for Your Business

Protecting Your Permissions

Our IGA solution includes complete identity lifecycle management, regularly reviewing all access rights and featuring comprehensive reporting, which even includes a compliance analysis.

IGA Technologies At Work
Your Solid Foundation for Secure Access Controls
To implement an IGA that’s optimally tailored to your business, we identify the best solutions for your specific identity challenges. Specifically, we offer:

  • “Best of Breed” solutions: We implement the market’s top solutions according to your needs.
  • Technical expertise: Our expert team advises and supports you technically throughout the IGA implementation.
  • Support & Managed Services: We continuously maintain the IGA and support you to ensure your systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Our Identity Governance and Administration offers the following technical advantages and features:

  • We efficiently automate JML processes (Joiner, Mover, Leaver) to ensure that access rights are adjusted to personnel changes.
  • Our system seamlessly manages permissions – from onboarding through job changes to employee departures.
  • We establish a system for evaluating and managing identity integrity (“identity reputation”).
  • We provide rule-based access control (RBAC) for effective access management.
  • To support complex business relationships, we also offer IAM solutions for B2B, B2B2B, and B2B2C relationships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) offers a comprehensive view of identity management and access control. It includes features like access certification, policy management, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), reporting, and compliance management. IGA solutions provide a framework for defining, reviewing, and managing access rights within organizations, as well as ensuring adherence to access policies and compliance requirements.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a framework that ensures only the right individuals have appropriate access to technology resources within an enterprise. It facilitates the management of identities and the assignment of access rights based on defined policies, thus ensuring secure and efficient user identification and authorization.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) specifically focuses on 'privileged' accounts that have extensive access to critical systems and data. PAM solutions monitor and control privileged access, restricting the use of privileged accounts to ensure they are used under stringent conditions. PAM is, therefore, a specialized area of IAM that deals with the heightened risks and security requirements associated with privileged accounts.

IAM, PAM, and IGA enable comprehensive management of user identities and access rights, thus safeguarding data privacy. They protect against unauthorized access and data breaches, improve operational management, and support compliance with data protection regulations and requirements. With the specific controls each discipline offers, businesses can enhance their security while ensuring efficient operational workflows.

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