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As a reliable business partner, we thoroughly identify, minimize and prevent our customers' cyber risks - so that they can focus on their core business.
Maximilian Coqui, CEO, SITS Group
This is us
We want to make the world a little safer. Every day. This is what our best-in-class consulting, excellent engineering and efficient managed services represent. In a world full of complexity, which leads to uncertainty and risk, we offer simplicity and consistency, outstanding services and integrated solutions. We’re your cybersecurity partner with accountability. You’re at the center of our attention. In us you can trust.
WHAT we do
We excel in delivering a comprehensive range of Cyber Security consulting and managed services, from cloud transformation, cloud and data security, identity and access management, security operations, secure modern work, zero trust, and risk management. With a strategic focus on security architecture and by integrating vendor agnostic top-tier technologies, we design solutions that ensure extensive protection and seamless integration for your business. We elevate security to the next level.
HOW we do, what we do
We leverage innovative technologies and exceptional know-how to develop customized Cyber Security solutions. Our highly sophisticated teams of security experts work closely with our clients to understand individual needs and engineer comprehensive security frameworks. We focus on preventive measures, continuous monitoring, and rapid response times to provide optimal protection for our clients.
WHY we do, what we do
We believe that growth requires digitalization, and digitalization necessitates security. Our mission is to establish trust and security in the digital world by ensuring businesses continue to operate safely amid potential attacks and threats. We are dedicated to providing reliable and tailored Cyber Security solutions to organizations, empowering them to fully unleash their digital potential without fear of cyber threats. Our ultimate goal is to make the world a safer place.
Growth requires digitalization. Digitalization requires security.
The SITS Group
Security needs partners: As a leading enterprise group for IT security, we stand for end-to-end security. With over 700 employees, the SITS Group combines the know-how, expertise, resources and services of top-class IT security providers to form a comprehensive portfolio. With the help of innovative solutions and technologies, we offer our clients overall IT security concepts that are based on the aspects of protection, detection and defense. This includes the use of tailored strategies, raising employee awareness and comprehensive service packages. All processes in companies are becoming increasingly digitally networked. Thanks to coordinated measures and a multi-layered protection system, our clients are equipped for the future.
We live our core values every day
Our Values
Unsere Werte sind unser Leitmotiv bei allem, was wir tun. Unsere Kultur entsteht, wenn wir diese Werte in die Praxis umsetzen.
Customer Centricity
We put our clients and their needs at the center of everything we do. We create a secure environment based on trust and operational excellence.
To gain the trust of all employees, we set clear expectations, are accountable, measure our results and learn from them.
For us, our work is not just a job, but the pursuit of happiness. It's our strong and intense emotional drive to make the digital world a safer place.
Our employees embody perseverance, which means that we keep moving forward regardless of complexity and challenging circumstances.
Facts & Figures
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Meet our Leadership Team
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Maximilian Coqui
Maximilian Coqui
Heiner Luntz
Heiner Luntz
Ute Maria Zankl
Ute Maria Zankl
Dr. Carsten Voigt
Dr. Carsten Voigt
John van Westeneng
John van Westeneng
Jens Rüster
Jens Rüster
Stephan Wettstein
Stephan Wettstein
Evert van den Branden
Evert van den Branden
Michael Albek
Michael Albek
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