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Next-Generation Firewall at a Glance

Next-Gen Firewalls (NGFW) are advanced security solutions that go beyond traditional firewall capabilities. Unlike „old-school“ firewalls that mainly control network-level traffic, NGFWs also monitor applications and identities accessing the network.

A Next-Gen Firewall offers intrusion detection and prevention, application control, and enhanced threat detection. It protects networks and conventional devices like desktop clients and smartphones, as well as IoT or OT devices. With sophisticated detection techniques, it identifies and blocks the latest cyber threats.

It uses machine learning and cloud connections on top, providing protection suitable for today’s hybrid working world, adapts to ever-changing security requirements, and meets data protection standards, enabling businesses to effectively defend their networks against increasingly sophisticated attack strategies.

SITS NGFW implementation offers your company:

  • Defense: Our Firewall Management Service secures your IT network from cyber threats and keeps your data safe.
  • Full Compliance: Our solution meets current industry standards and legal requirements.
  • Operational Efficiency: Optimize your security processes with our Managed Services, reducing IT efforts.
  • Adaptive Security: Our scalable firewall solutions adjust to your IT growth and an increasingly complex threat landscape.

A Crack in the Wall

Can you Stop Every Single Attack with a Firewall?

A firewall forms the first line of defense in corporate IT: continuously monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic, blocking cyber-attacks, and eliminating detected threats. However, the performance of traditional firewalls is often not up-to-par to provide effective protection against the full spectrum of today’s attack forms.

Your Business Challenge
Your Business Challenge
Classic firewalls require a lot of maintenance from your IT teams: regular patching, configuration, and event management of firewalls can quickly turn into a hassle - not to mention rapid responses in case of an attack. Such firewalls are also limited to protecting local network traffic.

Under these circumstances, IT admins or CISOs can only partially fend off threats and companies soon face the following challenges:

  • Weak defenses against new threats: Hackers access the network unnoticed through sophisticated cyber-attacks and steal information.
  • Stricter compliance rules: Traditional firewalls meet industry-specific standards and laws only to a limited extent.
  • Shortage of skilled professionals: Managing a firewall requires a lot of IT resources and expertise.

Your Workload & Network Security Expert
Contact our experts for advanced network and workload security solutions including Zero Trust Access, Next-Gen Firewalls, and SASE. We offer tailored security strategies and management for comprehensive protection.

360° Network Protection

All-round Firewall for Networks, Data, Services, and Apps

Our implemented and managed Next-Gen Firewall implemented eliminates the weaknesses of traditional firewalls. We protect your clouds, networks, and resources such as user accounts and data around the clock. We offer:

Advanced Threat Protection
Our NGFW uses cutting-edge algorithms and threat intelligence to stay one step ahead of security threats, including integrated botnet filters and anti-malware systems.
Compliance Management
We use automation to ensure compliance with industry-specific standards and regulations. This also includes regulations such as FINMA, ICT, NIS2 and HIPPA
Access Controls
Automation ensures adherence to industry-specific standards and regulations, including FINMA, IKT, NIS2, or HIPAA.
Response and Recovery
We offer strategies to respond to security incidents and limit their impact.
Fighting Intruders
Our Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems continuously monitor your network traffic to identify anomalies and threats, triggering alarms and taking action when detected.
User Controls
Our service includes checking user rights to ensure that only necessary access is granted. We monitor suspicious activities and reduce internal risks.
The Five-Phase Approach

Our Managed Next-Gen Firewall Service follows a clearly defined strategy: we deploy NGFW solutions tailored to your specific needs and security requirements and implement it in five phases:

Initial Consultation
We analyze the current state and develop a customized strategy for your company.
We migrate your existing security solution and set up your NGFW.
We create a rule set for your firewall around used apps, services, and devices.
SOC Integration
We integrate your NGFW into an existing Security Operations Service.
Service Desk
A team of SITS experts ready to assist with questions and support.
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