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Proactive rather than reactive: Monitor the security of your enterprise IT with our “Security Information and Event Management as a Service”. SIEM aggregates and analyzes data across your entire IT infrastructure, identifying potential threats. It collects log data from all security-relevant sources and generates alerts for the security team when dangers are detected. Making full use of AI and machine learning, SITS’s SIEM continually improves, making it more precise in distinguishing friend from foe.

SITS’s SIEMaaS offers clear event monitoring and real-time threat detection:

  • Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) uncovers suspicious events and threats in your network.
  • Supplies your Security Operations Center (SOC) and your XDR solution with data that helps them act instantly.
  • We document security issues or breaches as part of GDPR-compliant auditing.
  • The SIEM is based on either Microsoft Sentinel or QRadar, depending on your needs.

Sensory Overload

Identifying threats hiding in background noise

In the battle against IT threats, protective software alone is no longer sufficient. Especially in hybrid IT environments, the sheer volume of cyber attacks often lead to sensory overload: with tens of thousands of security alerts, distinguishing friend from foe can sometimes be nearly impossible. Enter our SIEMaaS.

Your Business Challenges
Your Business Challenges

  • Flood of warnings: numerous events and alerts that are difficult to sift through
  • Limited visibility: losing control over device classes, services, endpoints, and distributed networks within the corporate IT
  • Poor threat detection: even an existing SIEM may not always correctly allocate data and deliver accurate alerts.

Your Cyber Defense Expert Team
From SIEM to CTI to SOC: We implement our 24/7 Security Operations solutions for a 360°

Clear Data with SIEMaaS

Our SIEM: The Heart of Your Security Operations

SITS Group’s SIEM aggregates data from your entire IT and delivers clear threat data to your SOC and expert teams, enabling them to respond immediately and specifically. With our SIEMaaS, we offer:

Precise Data

Instantly Detecting the Threat Level
With years of experience in data evaluation via SIEM, we find the needle in the haystack: from millions of log entries, we can filter out security-relevant alerts and respond only to real threats.

Fully Tailored to Your Needs

From Setup to 24/7 Support
With our customizable “SIEM as a Service” offering, you can decide the level of support: Whether it’s ‘just’ a one-time setup by us and your teams take over – or it’s 24/7 management and optimization of your security platform by our teams, keeping you one step ahead of the latest threats.
You can choose between IBM QRadar and Microsoft Sentinel.

AI-powered Analysis

More Security Thanks to Machine Learning
Our SIEM as a Service uses AI to detect threats faster and classify them precisely. Sself-learning algorithms refine the system’s detection capabilities and offer tailored recommendations – which allows your
your security team to focus on truly critical alerts. This intelligent adaptation to your specific environment improves prevention and distinguishes between real threats and mere noise.

Our Packages

From Implementation to 24/7 SOC

SITS’s security teams monitor your IT and respond immediately to all potential threats. Choose from different packages: from monitoring during regular business hours (8 am to 5 pm) to complete 24/7 monitoring.

Basic – Managed SIEM
Level 1
Secure setup, maintenance, and fine-tuning of your SIEM – executed by certified SITS expert teams
Onboarding with simulations and thorough analysis for future management of your system
Customized dashboards and reporting
Recommended for:
Companies needing a complete overview of all security events, processes, and user behavior in their network and looking for a leading SIEM platform.
IT departments with sufficient resources to analyze and respond to security events themselves
Business – Managed SIEM + SOC 8/5
Level 2
Enhanced monitoring and a flexible "pay as you go" payment model for security incidents
Support in the event of an emergency: rapid response, concrete advice for problem resolution, and forensic analysis of all incidents
Recommended for:
Companies seeking a full-service solution for addressing security issues during regular weekday business hours (8 am to 5 pm).
Companies wanting to focus undisturbed on their core business and seek assistance in securing their business operations
Critical – Managed SIEM + SOC 24/7
Level 3
All services of the Basic and Business packages; additionally, 24/7 protection
Recommended for:
Companies prioritizing complete monitoring, such as those in high-risk sectors or operating across different time zones
SIEM-as-a-Service: Your Benefits
A True Chance Against Threats.
We bring order into chaotic data, helping you identify threats before they cause harm and act swiftly in emergencies.
Powerful Protection
With Extended Detection and Response (XDR), we provide comprehensive protection against attackers. This includes a combination of network monitoring, endpoint protection, and behavior analysis, further enhanced by AI.
Instant Alerts
Real-time monitoring of events and threat detection allows you to respond promptly to critical threats and minimize potential damage.
Lower Costs
Our SIEM solution significantly reduces operational costs and helps avoid costly compliance violations.
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SIEM ("Security Information and Event Management") combines real-time monitoring, event log management, analytics, and alerting functions to identify threats and security incidents within an IT infrastructure. It collects and aggregates log data, analyzes it for anomalies, and generates alerts. Utilizing AI, the SIEM enhances the distinction between real threats and false alarms.

SIEM is essential for enterprise cyber defense. It offers a comprehensive view of the security posture, improves threat detection and response, and supports compliance with regulations. SIEM enables the identification of suspicious activities before they lead to serious security incidents, aiding in the rapid closure of security gaps.

Considerations beyond the budget include the size and complexity of the IT environment. Other aspects include scalability, integration with existing security systems, the quality of analytics, the use of machine learning to reduce false positives, the extent of customer support, and user-friendliness. Can dashboards and alerts be customized?

Benefits include:

  • Faster response to threats
  • Compliance support through automated reporting and documentation
  • Comprehensive security overview
  • Relief for the security team through automation of routine tasks
  • Forensic analysis of the causes of security incidents


  • Documentation and reporting: SIEM stores relevant data and user activities and reports on them.
  • Real-time monitoring: Compliance violations are immediately recognizable.
  • Adaptation to specific requirements: Many SIEM systems are optimized for GDPR or HIPAA.
  • Historical data analysis: Retrospective analyses of security incidents, useful for audits.

These are the factors you need to consider:

  • Complexity: Setting up and using a SIEM system requires expertise.
  • Resource demand: SIEM needs sufficient computing power and storage.
  • False alarms: SIEM systems can be prone to false alarms.
  • Integration: SIEM may not always be compatible with other network systems.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance and updates are necessary.

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