Cooperation for Secure AI at it-sa 2023 - SITS
Cooperation for Secure AI at it-sa 2023
SITS Group Forms Groundbreaking Partnership with AIShield to Secure AI Systems
October 12, 2023

Nuremberg, October 10, 2023

Swiss IT Security Group AG, Europe’s leading provider of comprehensive IT security solutions in the fields of Governance, Risk & Compliance, Identity & Access Management, Security Operations, Hybrid Cloud Services, Applied Crypto, Attack Services, and Solutions Management, announces a groundbreaking partnership with AIShield, a Bosch startup with a globally recognized product for AI application security, at the it-sa 2023 security fair. This collaboration aims strategically to strengthen the security of AI models and systems and promote trusted AI applications through training, evaluations, and protective measures, with a focus on compliance with the EU AI Act and other laws, standards, and regulations.

The growing acceptance of AI in businesses worldwide underscores the urgent need to effectively secure AI models. Insecure AI can result in significant business losses, while non-compliance with security regulations can have severe consequences. In close collaboration, SITS Group and AIShield are committed to accelerating the adoption of AI while promoting cyber resilience, security and compliant AI applications.

As part of this partnership, AIShield will provide the technology for the security assessment of AI systems. The cybersecurity experts of SITS Group will utilize this advanced software to conduct rigorous evaluations, identify vulnerabilities, and ensure legal compliance when deploying AI in IT infrastructures.

This groundbreaking partnership between SITS Group and AIShield contributes to bolstering trust in AI technologies, protecting businesses worldwide, and ensuring the security of AI applications.

“Through this partnership, we take another step in securing our customers’ IT infrastructure, as they increasingly integrate AI into their operational systems without compromising security and compliance” stated John van Westeneng, Chief Solutions Officer and Group CISO of SITS Group. Manojkumar Parmar, Founder, CEO, and CTO of AIShield, added, ” Merging AIShield’s sophisticated AI security technology and industry-leading product with the comprehensive IT security expertise of SITS Group, we are strategically well-positioned to navigate the evolving challenges of AI security. Together, we will provide organizations with the essential technologies, strategies, and critical safeguards requisite for a seamless AI integration that is both secure and reliable, fostering a culture of trust and assurance as they progress on their AI journey..”

About AIShield

AIShield is a leading Gartner-recognized AI security provider powered by Bosch that aims to secure AI systems around the world. AIShield’s AI security technology is backed by over 40 patents and is been used by over 40 organizations in the automotive, manufacturing, banking, and healthcare industries since 2022. AIShield offers comprehensive solutions for vulnerability analysis, endpoint protection, and resilience against emerging AI threats thus securing AI systems of the world across lifecycle and deployment scenarios for any model, framework, or attacks Including Generative AI. The state-of-the-art technology ensures the safety and security of AI-based application workloads across cloud, edge, and on-premises environments, empowering organizations across industries to adopt AI with confidence. The vision for the company is to empower organizations across industries to adopt AI with confidence, securing over 1000 AI systems globally by 2025 and beyond.

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