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Cloud Transformation at a Glance

Working with Microsoft Cloud solutions lets you and your business work safer, more productive, and allows processes to scale faster than in old-school local IT environments. However, any transition comes with potential hurdles, including financial and security risks.

Our SITS experts ease the transition: Our team of professionals support you in both strategic and technical project execution, whether you’re starting your cloud implementation from scratch or are in the midst of migration. Comprehensive change management for your employees ensures that your people use the cloud safely. OUr “Cloud Migration & Transformation” offer includes:

  • Strategy and execution of your Microsoft Cloud migration – applies to Microsoft 365 (Software as a Service) and Azure (Platform as a Service).
  • Secure use of your cloud solution and data, adhering to regulatory guidelines.
  • 24/7 maintenance and Managed Service for your cloud environment and services.
  • Emergency concepts to ensure secure and reliable 24/7 operation of your cloud.
  • Integration of Cloud Security Best Practices for seamless protection.

Cloud Migration Cost Traps

Compliance and Data Protection Risks

Without careful planning, your migration to the cloud can come with massive costs. If you’re not handling sensitive data and services in the cloud the right way, you’ll eventually face data breaches and sanctions, disrupted workflows or sanctions. To get things right from the first day, a cloud strategy must be meticulously prepared.

Your Business Challenges
Compliance and Data Protection Risks

  • Data integrity and security: You must ensure that locally stored data is transferred to the cloud fully intact and protected.
  • Identity and access management: Your accounts and their access rights need to be transferred to the cloud completely.
  • Migration issues: Securely migrating and using your apps, services, or databases in the cloud often requires significant technical effort.
  • Compliance risks: A great deal of regulations must be adhered to when migrating to the cloud. Staying compliant requires expert consultation.

Your Microsoft Cloud Experts
Cloud Transformation, data security, and compliance: We help you on your path to the cloud.

Our Cloud Migration & Transformation

SITS Gets You Cloud-ready

Our SITS experts get you ready for the journey to Microsoft’s Cloud: We kick things off with an initial consultation and inventory, craft a well-thought-out roadmap, and then be a strong alliance for your complete migration to Microsoft 365 and Azure –with full 24/7 support on request. Our offer includes:

Cloud Migration & Transformation Workshops

Preparing & Creating a Strategic Transformation Roadmap
SITS helps you overcome challenges of your cloud migrations: our teams give you clear guidance on the Microsoft Cloud and security strategies from the get-go.
Whether it’s decision-making support for your management, evaluations concerning data protection and your applications or a focused roadmap – our goal is to future-proof your IT architecture. We offer:

  • Strategic workshops: Roadmap development tailored to the security and compliance requirements of your company.
  • Comprehensive assessments: From identity management to the modernizing your workplace – we evaluate and optimize your cloud services and infrastructure.

With our expertise, get a snapshot of your IT security situation and clear solutions and decision-making support.

Cloud-Migration: From Execution to Managed Service

SITS Transform Your Cloud.
After our roadmap is in place, the migration of all your processes, data, and users to the Microsoft Cloud begins. We focus on security, compliance, and 24/7 availability from the beginning and ensure regulatory standards are met. On top, we secure 24/7 service availability thanks to comprehensive emergency planning.

  • Secure Cloud Access: We guarantee safe cloud usage, without compromising functionality or accessibility.
  • Services und Plattform: We help you set up the entire Microsoft platform, including Microsoft 365 (Software as a Service) and Azure (Platform as a Service).
  • Compliance with Regulations: With our international and local regulations expertise, we ensure compliance at every stage of your migration.
  • Emergency Plans: We guide you in creating emergency plans to ensure your business operations continue even in case of a crisis.
  • Adaptation to Your Business: As your business grows or changes, we can adjust your cloud environment on the fly.
  • Support for Mobile Work: We support modern working methods that let your employees work securely from anywhere.
  • Cost Reduction: Our cloud migration helps significantly reduce the costs associated with local data centers.
  • Maintenance and Operations: The transition to cloud services we support simplifies the maintenance and operation of your IT infrastructure.

In addition to one-off consultation and cloud implementation, we also offer round-the-clock comprehensive cloud maintenance upon request.

Our Three Phase Cloud Migration
Planing – Implementation – 24/7 Operation
Preparation: Strategy & Planing
Implementation & Modernization
24/7 Managed Service
Preparation: Strategy & Planing
Before you take your first step into the cloud, we develop a clear strategy in a workshop with your teams. It covers fundamental topics such as:
  • Goal Definition: We establish the objectives for your cloud migration, such as reducing high data center costs or the need for more flexible working conditions.
  • Stakeholder Alignment: IT, finance, and business departments are involved from the very beginning, putting a migration team in place that is aware of your objectives and actively pursues them.
  • Type of Partnership: We set up a strong partnership - whether it’s just the initial setup with SITS or transition to a managed service operation later on.
Next, we plan the cloud migration of your entire IT infrastructure. This includes:
  • IT Inventory: Using automated cloud migration tools, we inventory all your apps, databases, and services so you know exactly what needs to be migrated.
  • Business Case Development: We calculate the benefits of migrating to the Microsoft Cloud and compare the costs of on-premise and cloud solutions.
  • Setting up a Plan: Our roadmap includes migration priorities, project milestones, and a list of resources needed for the migration and IT modernization for your executives.
Implementation & Modernization
Thefirst phase of our implementation starts with trainings and raising awareness among your IT and development teams. The goal? To enable a quickl and efficient migration. Next, we define "Landing Zones," the target systems where important areas such as Identity & Access Management or data storage will reside after migration, so you know exactly where and how your existing systems will be migrated. In the second phase, we migrate your resources to the Azure Cloud. Afterwards, we assist you in optimizing all your services, apps, and data ("workloads") for the cloud. In the third phase, we modernize your entire apps and data. Sometimes, a simple refactoring of apps, i.e., minimal adjustments and integration into Azure – such as converting a database to an Azure SQL database, is sufficient. We also support you if your apps require more modifications, for example, if they need to be reprogrammed for cloud operation. If some of your apps or services are not compatible with the cloud, we assist in finding alternatives or build new services from scratch for you.
24/7 Managed Service
Following the successful relocation of your data and apps to the Microsoft Cloud, we secure your entire IT environment and take care of its ongoing operation on request. First, we secure your entire IT environment using Microsoft Defender for Cloud or the cloud-native SIEM solution Microsoft Sentinel for collecting and analyzing key security data. Our managed service provides 24/7 support for managing, expanding, securing, and efficiently operating your Microsoft Cloud. We simplify the management of your workloads across all environments, offer real-time insights into cloud performance, and secure your data with backup and disaster recovery solutions.
Cloud Migration & Transformation – Your Benefits
A Safe Strategy on Your Cloud Journey
The consulting, support, and solutions provided by SITS safely guide you into the cloud—from migration to secure usage of the cloud and your critical data. Your benefits include:
We offer comprehensive expert knowledge and direct access to Microsoft product teams. Our insider insights guarantee cutting-edge solutions.
As an exclusive partner, we get access Microsoft's cloud solution vision and roadmap which we integrate directly into your projects.
We are represented in the "Microsoft Compliance PAC," a panel of select consultants with special expertise in Security & Compliance.
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