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As cloud services, „work-from-anywhere“, and AI-powered tools like Microsoft Copilot become ubiquitous, your company’s faces all-new data risks. To prevent data loss or breaches, it’s becoming more and more critical you manage your data access rights and protect them from day 1. This is where SITS come in: We help you secure your data and maintain clarity over data and access permissions. Our Cloud Data Security consultation helps you with:

  • Identifying Critical Data: We pinpoint sensitive and crucial information in your business for 24/7 protection.
  • Avoiding Data Loss: We devise strategies to safeguard your devices, applications, and services from data loss.
  • Upholding Standards: We’re to help you review and ensure compliance adherence.
  • Compliance Automation: We assist in the technical realization of data retention and deletion periods.

Cloud Data: A Security Gamble

The Threats of Data Loss and Theft

Remote work, AI implementation, and a multitude of cloud services increase your chances of corporate data falling into the wrong hands. Your sensitive data is vulnerable across a lot of points along the chain.

Losing Grip of Your Data
Your Business Challenge
At all times, you need to be aware of which employees access data, cloud services, and AI tools like Microsoft Copilot from across the globe.
Ensuring that your data is processed securely and that AI accesses only the necessary information is critical. The current threat landscape underscores the challenges:

  • According to an IBM study (Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022) 83% of surveyed businesses had more than one data breach in their history.*
  • Another study reports that the participating 278 companies spent an average of $15.4 million over 12 months to resolve insider threats.**
  • 80% of 822 surveyed security executives have purchased multiple products to comply with prescribed standards.***

*Source: IBM
**Source: Proofpoint
***Source: Microsoft Data Security Report

Your Microsoft Cloud Experts
Cloud Transformation, data security, and compliance: We help you on your path to the cloud.

Our Solution

Cloud Data Security – Microsoft-verified

Our “Cloud Data Security” package delivers a comprehensive solution for classifying and securing your data. As a certified Microsoft partner, we mix expertise and proven tools like Microsoft Purview to get your data secured in no time.

Data Protection in the Age of AI

Shield Sensitive Data to Minimize Risks
Our consultation and Microsoft Purview implementation help you classify and safeguard your most vital company data – both stored locally or in the Microsoft cloud. Plus, our user-friendly solutions won’t disrupt your employees’ workflows.

We help you:

  • Identify and Protect Sensitive Data: Our service classifies, tags, and secures sensitive data.
  • Reduce Insider Risks: Ready-to-use indicators and machine learning models drastically reduce insider risks like intellectual property theft, data breaches, and violations.
  • Prevent Data Loss: We advise on proactive protection against accidental loss or deliberate interception of sensitive data across apps, services, and devices.

Cloud Data Security – Your Benefits
A Safe Strategy to Work in the Microsoft Cloud
Our consulting service helps you not just safely migrate data to the Microsoft Cloud but guarantees safe usage and ongoing protection of all your files. Your Benefits:
Microsoft Expertise
We offer comprehensive expert knowledge and direct access to Microsoft product teams. Our insider insights guarantee cutting-edge solutions.
As an exclusive partner, we get access Microsoft's cloud solution vision and roadmap which we integrate directly into your projects.
Compliance Expertise
We are represented in the "Microsoft Compliance PAC," a panel of select consultants with special expertise in Security & Compliance.
The Cyber Chronicle Newsroom
We keep you posted with the latest news, data & trend topics
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