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Security needs simplicity. That’s why it is our mission to provide security easily and fast. With us, the security of your IT infrastructure is just a click away.


The SITS Group provides efficient IT security simply and at any time and is at your side as your reliable partner. Our search function gives you immediate access to all our IT security services. Whether penetration tests, firewall implementations or security training, you can find all our services and direct contact with our security experts easily and with ease. Navigation is made even easier and more efficient by sorting according to the NIST framework.

Security & IT Solutions
File Folder Encryption
You may not always be able to prevent an attack – but you can certainly protect your data. That’s why, for such emergency scenarios, SITS adds an additional security layer—encrypting critical data.
Cyber Defense
CSIRT as a Service
No matter how much you prepare and try to defend yourself against attacks, at some point desaster could strike and take down your entire IT with it. When this happens, you need to rely on professionals who understand attack patterns, quickly mobilize resources to regain control.
Security & IT Solutions
Public Key Infrastructure
From verifying emails, identities, or applications to your employees company badge – it all requires digital certificates issued and managed through an Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which act like a “digital ID”.
Cyber Defense
Cyber Threat Intelligence
Data, Intelligence, Insights – the invaluable weapon in the cat-and-mouse game of cyber security. Stay ahead of attackers by identifying threats, leaks, identity theft and other external dangers proactively before they become real problems.
Security & IT Solutions
Signing Services
Most ucial documents, from certificates to contracts and tax paperwork, can be legally signed with a click nowdays. Electronic signatures simply offer more security and convenience.
Security & IT Solutions
Zero Trust Implementation
“Zero Trust” has grown to be an established security concept for businesses. It operates under the assumption that threats can occur at any time outside and within the network or cloud.
Cyber Defense
Managed Extended Detection & Response
Our Managed Extended Detection and Response solutions protect your clients, network identities, cloud services, collaboration tools, and much more.
Security & IT Solutions
Next-Generation Firewall Management
Next-Gen Firewalls (NGFW) are advanced security solutions that go beyond traditional firewall capabilities.
Cyber Defense
Security Operations as a Service
Leave the protection and monitoring of your IT to SITS Group: Our Security Operations Center (SOC) acts as the command center for your company’s cyber defense.
Security & IT Solutions
Network Security
New vectors like IoT, remote work, and increasingly sophisticated attack modes have increased the dangers to your local or cloud-based IT.
Cyber Defense
SIEM as a Service
Proactive rather than reactive: Monitor the security of your enterprise IT with our “Security Information and Event Management as a Service”.
Security & IT Solutions
Workload Security
Assessment & Advisory
Copilot Readiness für M365
AI technologies like Microsoft 365 Copilot are becoming a go-to tool in everyday business operations: They automate processes within the company, help employees get work done faster and cut overall costs.
Security & IT Solutions
Secure Access Service Edge
Our SASE implementation combines various network security functions in one single, cloud-based platform – all managed via one single dashboard.
Assessment & Advisory
Data Loss Prevention für M365
When confidential business or customer data falls into the wrong hands, it can have devastating consequences for companies.
Access Management
Control who accesses your company’s resources when: With our custom-tailored Identity and Access Management (IAM) framework