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You may not always be able to prevent an attack – but you can certainly protect your data. That’s why, for such emergency scenarios, SITS adds an additional security layer—encrypting critical data. Even if intruders breach a database, the contents of the files remain locked away. With our fideAS® file enterprise tool and comprehensive consulting, we will encrypt files in your company swiftly. Includes:

  • Data Protection: Encryption that just works no matter where the files are stored.
  • User-Friendly: End-user workflows remain unchanged for simplicity and ease.
  • Adjustable Security Levels: Set access rights in line with the confidentiality level of the staff.
  • Admin-Friendly Tools: Central management with intuitive configuration tools.
  • Quick Deployment: Straightforward implementation thanks to automatic key generation and distribution.
  • Secure Team Collaboration: Focused and effective protection for confidential data used by the team.
  • SITS Expertise: Extensive consulting on file encryption covering installation, migrations, configuration, and updates.

Sensitive Data: A Prime Target

The Challenges of Protecting Trade Secrets and Customer Data.

Most cyber-attacks aim to snatch these treasures for profit: Your company’s data Data – that’s why its protection is more crucial than ever.

Your Business Challenges
Your Business Challenges
Should customer, employee, or business data fall into the wrong hands, the repercussions could be severe. The specific dangers include:

  • Data breaches and violations: Theft of personal data (PII) leading to legal consequences due to GDPR violations, claims for damages, and fines.
  • Espionage and industrial espionage: Theft of confidential trade secrets, research findings, or intellectual property falling into competitors' hands.
  • Data manipulation: Injection of false information leading to mistakes or irreparable damage.
  • Loss of trust: Damage to reputation among customers and partners due to data leaks.

Your Applied Crypto Expert Team
Contact our experts for maximum data security: PKI, Signing Services, HSM service, and file folder encryption. Your 360° protection begins right here.
Data Security Through Encryption
Protect Sensitive Information from Hackers

To effectively secure crucial data, mere hard drive encryption won’t suffice. With fideAS® file enterprise and our expert services, your data treasures are safeguarded against unauthorized access (for detailed information, click here). Highlights include:

User-Friendly Approach
fideAS® file enterprise can be swiftly installed and is intuitive to use.
Centralized Control
Central policy and key management enable convenient implementation of desired access rights.
Robust Security
Proven encryption algorithms reliably protect your documents from unauthorized access.
A granular role and rights model allows for distributing permission management responsibilities across multiple admins and departments.
We prioritize maximum flexibility and the prompt adoption of new technologies.
Company-wide encryption of critical data across all data stores, including cloud storage accessed via WebDAV.
File Encryption: Your Benefits
Secure with SITS
Get fideAS® file enterprise and our comprehensive services to protect your data far beyond basic or disk encryption tools.
Finally Secured: Your Sensitive Data
File encryption with fideAS® file enterprise ensures the confidentiality of sensitive information: access is reserved exclusively for authorized users.
Compliance with Legal Standards
Mit fideAS® file enterprise helps you meet compliance requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS.
Great Flexibility
Encrypt individual files, folders, or entire drives: Our tool provides the versatility to handle all use cases.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Encryption transforms data using complex mathematical algorithms and cryptographic keys into an unreadable format, accessible only with the corresponding key.

Virtually all types, including text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, videos, and databases.

It protects sensitive data from unauthorized access, theft, or manipulation, helping companies meet compliance requirements and gain the trust of customers and partners.

fideAS® file enterprise employs advanced encryption methods to protect your data and ensure compliance with security standards. Here's how we safeguard your data:

  • AES Encryption: Offering various key lengths (AES-192, AES-256, AES-512) for robust symmetric encryption in CFB mode for enhanced security.
  • RSA for Asymmetric Encryption: Options between RSA-2048 and RSA-4096 key lengths ensure your data is protected by the strongest available method.
  • Secure Digital Signatures: RSA is used in combination with different hash functions (SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512) for verified and secure digital signatures.
  • Integration with External Key Media: Compatibility with PKCS#11 and Microsoft CSP allows for the use of external security tokens and smartcards.
  • Software Keys in PKCS#12 Format: Ensures software keys are stored securely and in compliance with standards.
  • CMS Encryption Method: Adds an extra layer of security and compatibility with existing systems.
  • With fideAS file enterprise, businesses maintain full control over their data. Central policy and key management enable convenient setup of desired access rights, allowing detailed control over encrypted documents' behavior.

Your security is our passion.
For robust protection for your business, contact us.

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