Digital key service: market leader now relies on PKI
Success Story

Digital Key Services: Swiss IT Security AG Unlocks Success for a Leader in Telecommunications

A leading company in mobile, IT, and entertainment in Switzerland sought a scalable and automated Registration Authority solution for its existing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Swiss IT Security AG rose to the challenge, making it to the final selection round and implementing an enhanced automated Registration Authority. The registration process has since become a pivotal component for issuing and managing corporate certificates. Manually issuing certificates with increasingly shorter lifecycles is time-consuming and demands a high level of technical expertise.
April 22, 2023

The most important facts:

  • Leading Swiss telecommunications provider opts for Swiss IT Security AG for PKI.
  • Implementation of the keyon true-Xtender solution for scalable and automated “Registration Authority”.
  • Central hub for issuing and managing corporate certificates.
  • Overcoming the challenges of manual certificate issuance.
  • True-Xtender features: browser-based GUI, notifications of expiring certificates, full automation, role-based access model.
  • Successful transition from Proof-of-Concept to “Go Live” within a few months.
  • Significant results: 9,000 issued certificates for 1,200 active users; 37,000 certificates via Webservice-API.
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