2023 State of Exposure Management - slowing down attackers
Research Report

2023 State of Exposure Management

XM-Cyber and Attack Path Management
April 28, 2023

Don’t miss out on exclusive research that explores the challenges organizations face in managing security exposures and provides insights on how to overcome them.

Some of the key findings:

  • Organizations typically have 11,000 security exposures attackers could exploit;
  • On the positive side, 75% of exposed resources lead to dead ends;
  • 2% of exposures lie on choke points leading to critical assets;
  • Attackers can access 70% of critical assets in on-prem networks in just 3 steps. It’s even worse in the cloud, where 90% of critical assets are just one hop away from initial compromise.

Want to more? Download the report for free now and take the first step toward building a more efficient and effective exposure management program.

The annual research report, Navigating the Paths of Risk: The State of Exposure Management in 2023 is a collaboration between XM Cyber and Cyentia Institute, a leading research firm which analyzed over 60 million exposures and tens of thousands of attack paths so you can discover how to prioritize and efficiently remediate exposures with research-backed tips and strategies.

The Swiss IT Security Group offers tailored service packages for Attack path Management Services with XM Cyber. Our experts will not only help you find the perfect solution. We will also implement the Attack Path Management Services for you, operate it for you if desired, and make sure you get the best value out of it.

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