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Embedding cyber security

Acting instead of just reacting in the battle against cyber threats
July 10, 2024

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How to increase your cyber resilience in the long term 

The risk for companies and authorities to be affected by cyber attacks is increasing worldwide, and 57% of European organizations stated that they identified a breach in 2022 (source: Pentera). Triton Partners and its portfolio company SITS Group are also noticing this increasing threat situation. 

In the battle against cyber attacks, Triton relies on digital transformation and technologies paired with the long-standing expertise of the SITS Group. Find out in this exclusive report, … 

  •  how digitalization and economic activity have led to the development of cybercrime, 
  • what forms of cybercrime exist worldwide, 
  • which initiatives and regulations against cyber threats have emerged as a result and 
  • what measures need to be implemented to counter these developments in the long term. 

The digital world requires a proactive approach to cyber security challenges. We would like to support you in protecting your company and making the digital world more secure.  

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About Triton 

Triton is a longstanding investment firm that takes an operational approach to investing in European businesses in three sectors: Business Services, Industrial Tech and Healthcare. 

Triton believes it takes a responsible approach to building better businesses for the long-term, through an experienced team of investors, operators, and specialists. This includes West Park, a dedicated value creation unit comprising operational and functional; specialists in key areas such as full potential, ESG, digital, leadership & culture, debt financing and more. 

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