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The NIS2-Assessment

NIS2 is not just a recommendation—it is a legal obligation: The Network and Information Security Directive 2 (EU) 2022/2555 affects many more companies than its predecessor version.

With our NIS2 evaluation, you prepare your company successfully for NIS2 compliance. Our 360° check:

  • Assesses your company for NIS2 compliance.
  • Based on 20 years of experience in implementing certification-capable ISMS.
  • Offers effective implementation of NIS2 AND KRITIS requirements from the perspective of an approved and recognized auditor.

The NIS2-Assessment

The Path to Full NIS2 Compliance

With the NIS2 Assessment from SITS, you safely navigate through the challenges of the NIS2 Directive.

Our NIS2-Check Scope
From Assessment to a Final Report
We evaluate your measures regarding NIS2, identify areas for improvement, and offer concrete solutions. Our service includes:
  • Focus on cybersecurity hygiene: Review and optimization of your security measures, processes, and employee behavior.
  • Process optimization for the highest standards: Analysis and improvement of your processes in key areas such as ISMS operation.
  • Workshop for strategy development: Joint discussion of assessment results to develop practical and effective strategies.
  • Report with actionable recommendations: A detailed report highlights systemic risks and provides recommendations for your compliance.

Security just one click away!
NIS2 compliance made easy! Get consulting from NIS2 experts to keep your organization secure and compliant. We manage all regulatory aspects so that you can focus on your core business.
NIS2-Assessment: Your Benefits
Complete NIS2 Compliance
Our NIS2 Assessment delivers substantiated, proven, and targeted statements. Your benefits:
Demonstrates whether relevant cyber risks are really managed effectively.
Testing of operational measures for cybersecurity.
Meeting the current state of technological standards.
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