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Microsoft Cloud Security & Compliance

Whether you’re embarking on a migration or already soaring in the Microsoft Cloud, ensuring that all services and data are shielded from leaks and misuse while meeting compliance directives is crucial. Our “Microsoft Cloud Security & Compliance” consulting package, therefore, ensures a cross-platform fortification of your cloud environment, including:

  • Conformity Checks: Evaluating your cloud setting against compliance standards with tailored support.
  • AI Compliance: Expertise around data security in the realm of AI systems, like Copilot.
  • Anomaly Responses: Assisting in detecting compliance violations and guiding appropriate actions.
  • Risk Identification: Advanced analytics to preemptively spot internal and external security threats.
  • Efficiency Boosts: Security process optimizations through automation and technical aid.
  • Regulatory Implementation: Advising on the technical weave-in of compliance standards like GDPR, KRITIS, and BaFIN into your cloud strategy.

Overcoming Cloud Compliance Obstacles

Mastering the Privacy Risks in Cloud

Challenges for Companies
Challenges for Companies
Maintaining compliance and high-security standards is non-negotiable, whether you're preparing for a cloud migration or routinely operating in the cloud.
The cloud introduces pivotal challenges for businesses, with specific rules and (inter)national standards to heed. Non-compliance not only invites sanctions but also poses severe risks to your data and services.
Your Microsoft Cloud Experts
Cloud Transformation, data security, and compliance: We help you on your path to the cloud.

Our Solution

Cloud Security & Compliance
SITS consultation offers a full-fledged security and compliance management for your Microsoft Cloud and other vendors. Implementing solutions like Microsoft Entra ID and the Microsoft Purview Suite, we ensure that the standards applicable to your business are not just met, presented and managed.
Comprehensive Cloud Security with SITS

Use Azure and Microsoft 365 securely and in compliance from now on in full compliance with all modern standards. Our consulting service is your foundation for an effective security strategy, unfolding through these steps:

Build Intent Workshops
Dive into an expansive exploration of Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft Purview's potential, illuminating the path ahead.
Roadmap Development
Together, we'll architect a roadmap of prioritized action recommendations and an estimation of efforts, ensuring a strategic advance.
Practical Implementation
Targeted workshops and ongoing advice provide your team with a robust transfer of knowledge, fortifying your security foundation.
Compliance Monitoring
Our tailored ``Security and Compliance Posture Management`` tool vigilantly oversees your compliance landscape, keeping you one step ahead.
Your secure cloud
Cloud Platform Security – Your Benefits
A Secure Path to the Microsoft Path
Our tailor-made solutions help you transition to the Microsoft Cloud securely and effectively use its features – all while safeguarding every single file. Your advantages include:
Microsoft Expertise
We offer comprehensive expert knowledge and direct access to Microsoft product teams. Our insider insights guarantee cutting-edge solutions.
As an exclusive partner, we get access Microsoft's cloud solution vision and roadmap which we integrate directly into your projects.
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