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Vulnerability Analysis Through Nonstop 360-Degree Scans

One single IT vulnerability can put your entire corporate network at risk. Vulnerability Scanning is a key tool for identifying and closing security gaps before they are exploited. SITS’s expert team offers comprehensive scanning services that uncover, assess, and prioritize vulnerabilities.

With our assessments, you’ll learn which IT systems in your company are vulnerable and which application exploits hackers could utilize. Plus, you will receive clear action recommendations.

  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Detection: We identify security gaps in your IT landscape using state-of-the-art and AI-supported scanning methods.
  • Risk Assessment and Prioritization: We help you to organize identified risks by their urgency.
  • Actionable Recommendations: After our risk analysis, you receive concrete recommendations to boost your systems’ security.
  • Regular Reports: Our detailed reports keep you informed about the security status of your IT at all times.

Facing (un)known Threats

Detection Before, During, and After an Incident

Unpatched software, network gaps, or unknown devices in the corporate network – just a few ways of how attackers quickly gain access to your employees’ computers, causing considerable damage. The biggest risks:

Business Challenges
Business Challenges

  • Vulnerabilities that remain unnoticed until an incident occurs.
  • Undiscovered gaps by unknown and unmanaged devices - an open door for cybercriminals (``Shadow IT``).
  • Outdated operating systems and applications: Unpatched software is a feast for hackers.
  • Correct assessment and prioritization in case of an attack.
  • Lack of time and resources: IT teams are often overwhelmed and cannot cover all security risks.

Your Assessment & Advisory Team
Our experts are ready to implement Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Testing, BCM, and more – enhance your IT security and compliance.

Vulnerability Scanning as a Service

Complete Examination of Your IT Systems for Vulnerabilities and Exploits

SITS’s Vulnerability Scanning as a Service thoroughly examines your systems internally and externally for vulnerabilities and potential entry points for cyber attackers. Our scans cover your entire network. Here’s an overview of our offerings:

Automated Scans
We conduct our scans outside your business hours with zero interruption. Includes network devices inspection at remote locations on request.
Customizable Scans
You can choose your own scan intervals, determine the depth of scans – and decide whether we check local resources as well as in the loud.
In-Depth Evaluation
In our evaluation of the scans, you receive a detailed overview of data and vulnerabilities that are visible to hackers before breaching the system.

Vulnerability Scanning: Our Packages

SITS Group’s Vulnerability Scanning is available in multiple packages: Basic includes a one-time consultation and an initial scan, giving you clear insights into your company’s current state of security. With our ongoing Managed Service, your entire security measures are evaluated and optimized on a quarterly basis. The most comprehensive is our tailor-made Custom Service, seamlessly integrated into your company’s structures.

Level 1
Straightforward consultation
Provides snapshot of your IT infrastructure's vulnerabilities
Includes prioritized remediation recommendation
Managed Service
Level 2
Quarterly snapshots of your IT security risks
Prioritized action recommendations
Track measures and progress over time
Custom Service
Level 3
Tailored solution
Designed, implemented, and operated according to your needs
Allows for customization of vulnerability management-related processes
Vulnerability Scanning: Your Benefits
Our continuous scans unveil all vulnerabilities of your systems. Your benefits:
Compliance with Cybersecurity Regulations
Regulations like NIS2, PCI DSS, and HIPAA highlight the importance of vulnerability scanning to protect sensitive data. But it's not just about meeting guidelines: it also provides effective protection for your corporate IT.
24/7 Defense
Our continuous optimization of vulnerability scans strengthens your company's defenses against cyber-attacks.
Always up-to-date
Ongoing reviews and analyses of potential vulnerabilities and the expansion of scanning methods based on the latest developments better protect you from current threats.
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Contact us for customized security strategies.

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