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Copilot Readiness at a Glance

AI technologies like Microsoft 365 Copilot are becoming a go-to tool in everyday business operations: They automate processes within the company, help employees get work done faster and cut overall costs. To protect your corporate internals, however, it’s crucial to ensure this new technology is handled safely, prevent data from falling into the wrong hands, and equip all employees with the necessary knowledge to safely use AI.

Enter our Copilot Readiness Service: It provides compliance, security, and efficiency in dealing with Microsoft’s artificial intelligence.


  • Checking and managing access rights to Copilot-relevant documents and content
  • Developing an AI/Copilot security concept
  • User training for the safe use of Copilot

The AI Challenge

How to Handle AI Data the Right Way.

Companies introducing the AI assistant Copilot into their IT environment face questions: How do we ensure that the tool is used safely and in compliance with regulations? How do we guarantee the quality of the data used? How does my team learn to handle Copilot safely?

Ignoring these aspects risks compliance violations and data breaches.

Your Business Challenges
Your Business Challenges

  • Data Protection: Making sure that Copilot does not compromise sensitive information during automated tasks.
  • Integration: Seamlessly blend Copilot into existing workflows without losing productivity.
  • AI Data Quality: Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the data used by Copilot to avoid misinformation.

Your Assessment & Advisory Team
Our experts for Assessment & Advisory will be at your side: From penetration tests to compliance - we build tailor-made strategies to take your IT security to the next level.

Copilot Readiness by SITS

Introducing AI the Right Way. Safety First.

Our service gets your business ready to integrate and work with Microsoft 365 Copilot. It includes the following elements:

Security & Privacy
Establishing a permission structure and creating a data index from your cloud tenants.
SharePoint Structuring
Optimizing the SharePoint workspace for an efficient data foundation for use in Copilot.
Metadate & Namings
Implementing efficient organization systems, so Copilot gets quick access to your data.
Governance Policies
Creating clear policies for managing Copilot, ensuring internal company data does not leak externally.
Comprehensive training of your employees for the rapid introduction and use of Copilot.
Copilot Readyiness: Your Benefits
With SITS, you optimize the Copilot integration in your company: We ensure enhanced security protocols, a structured SharePoint setup, precise data management, governance, and targeted training.
Complete Compliance
Thanks to our recommendations and strategies for the safe use of AI, your data stays where it belongs: in your IT environment!
Efficient Data Management
With clear metadata tags and SharePoint optimizations, you achieve faster and better quality AI results.
Fast AI Workflows
Thanks to our training, your team uses Copilot more quickly and with better outcomes, leading to higher productivity.
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