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Today’s hybrid cloud environments need more than legacy IAM solutions, which often lack usability and comprehensive protection across your on-premises and cloud apps or data.  

Let SITS transition you to a modern IAM that covers  on -premises- and multi-cloud SaaS apps seamlessly – all based on the principle of Zero Trust. As a specialized Microsoft Entra partner, we modernize your IAM solution to protect the identity of all your users, devices, apps, and resources as well as automate the joiner-mover-leave processes of your organization.  

Transition from legacy systems or the retiring SAP IdM effortlessly with SITS’s expert migration services. 

Our core offer includes: 

  • Microsoft IAM Modernization Consulting: Strategies and migration from any IAM to Microsoft Entra. 
  • Managed Services: Ongoing maintenance and improvement for identity management and governance.  
  • Establish Entra ID as your central identity provider: Lets you use one single Identity provider for all your cloud services and SaaS apps.  
  • Modern IGA features: Entra ID Governance manages and automates the user lifecycle from onboarding new hires to offboarding leavers, including birthrights, entitlements, and access re-attestation. 
  • Integration of your SAP Solutions into Microsoft Entra: Protecting access to SAP services and apps in both the cloud via Entra ID and on-premises with Entra Private Access. 
  • For SAP IdM Customers: Smooth migration from SAP IdM to Entra

Where Legacy IAMs Fail

Identity Protection Gaps Across Multiple Clouds and Apps.   

When your company makes the jump to a hybrid cloud environment, your existing IAM might not be up to the task to protect workflows, users, and data access across local or cloud environments.  

Your organizational challenges:
Top 5 IAM Challenges in a Modern Environment
  • Inconsistent identity and access policies across multiple cloud providers and platforms
  • Usability issues for your employees accessing cloud-based apps and data
  • Difficulties in integrating on-premise and cloud-based IAM systems.
  • Compliance risks when accessing cloud-based applications and data from any device and location
  • Challenges protecting cloud identities and access points against identity theft, phishing, and cyberattacks.

Our Solution

Microsoft Identity & Access Modernization 

SITS transforms your legacy IAM systems and SAP IdM into a modern identity and access management solution which covers your users, devices, apps, and data across both hybrid clouds and on-premise.  

Microsoft Entra – Migrated, Maintained, and Optimized by SITS

Get 360° Identity and Access Modernization Solutions for Your Hybrid Cloud.
Our cloud-based Entra implementation modernizes your entire identity governance, enabling single sign-on, strong authentication, conditional access, and more, while ensuring compliance with regulations like ISO/IEC 27001 and GDPR. Our IAM expert team implements enhanced monitoring tools that provide detailed audit logs, reports, and dashboards to track and showcase compliance and performance effectively. It includes:
  • Entra ID Protection: Safeguard your users from identity theft and fraud with real-time monitoring of suspicious activities, alerting users to potential threats.
  • Entra ID Governance: Automate and manage the complete lifecycle of identities, roles, and access rights efficiently, facilitating smooth transitions for joiners, movers, and leavers.
  • Entra Verified ID: Leverage biometric and cryptographic verification to ensure that only authorized users and applications access sensitive data.

Advanced Security Features

Our Entra implementation goes a step beyond, offering advanced identity protection to protect remote access scenarios.
  • Entra Face Check: Introduce identity verification with facial recognition technology that ensures secure and convenient access, while preventing spoofing and impersonation.
  • Entra Private Access: Establish secure, private connections that bypass the public internet, enhancing speed and reliability without the need for traditional VPNs.
  • Entra Internet Access:Access the internet securely and privately without revealing your IP address or location, protected by advanced encryption and tailored to integrate seamlessly with our identity governance solutions.

Our Microsoft IAM Modernization Offer

From consulting to migration to 24/7 Managed Service SITS helps you transition your legacy IAM or SAP IdP to Microsoft Entra. Our services include:  

  • Consulting: Clear strategies and roadmaps to modernize your Microsoft IAM based on our initial analysis
  • SAP Integration: We integrate your new Microsoft Entra IAM solution into any SAP cloud service, on-premise apps and 3rd party SAP SaaS apps
  • 24/7 Managed Service: We monitor, maintain, and optimize your new Microsoft solution
  • Embedding Entra ID: We implement Entra ID as your all-in-one identity provider, facilitating integration with on-premises Active Directory, third-party, and SAP SaaS applications
  • Automated Identity Governance: Our Entra ID Governance implementation automates the joiner-mover-leaver processes
  • SAP Application Provisioning: We help you manage user access to SAP applications, ensuring seamless provisioning and de-provisioning across your IT landscape
  • Robust Access Management: We strengthen your security with Entra Private Access, ensuring secure and seamless access to all on-premises applications, regardless of the user’s location. 

Your Benefits
Our Microsoft IAM Modernization offer transforms your legacy Identity and Access Management, role and permission management as well as authentication methods, giving you more robust solutions to protect your identities.
NEW Full Support for SAP IdM Migration
SITS now helps you transform your soon-to-be-retired SAP IdM to Microsoft Entra
Centralized Approach
Our centralized identity governance reduces complexity and enhancing control across hybrid environments.
Improved Lifecycle Management
Automates the joiner-mover-leaver processes and integrates with HR systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, ensuring timely updates to user access rights and roles.
Secure Remote Access
Utilize Entra Private Access to securely connect to on-premises applications eliminating complex VPN setups or exposing your systems to the public internet.
Enhanced Security and Compliance
Strengthen security measures and ensure compliance across your identity management or SAP systems by enforcing consistent access policies and utilizing advanced multi-factor authentication and conditional access solutions.
Optimized User Experience:
Enhance productivity and user satisfaction with single sign-on capabilities that allow seamless access to SAP and other critical applications from any location and device.
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