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Computer Security Incident Response Team as a Service

No matter how much you prepare and try to defend yourself against attacks, at some point desaster could strike and take down your entire IT with it. When this happens, you need to rely on professionals who understand attack patterns, quickly mobilize resources to regain control, and handle the incident as discreetly and professionally as possible.

Enter our “Computer Security Incident Response Team as a Service” (CSIRTaaS). Our services include:

  • Preventative Steps: We help you build up a complete incident response strategy so you are prepared for any serious emergencies.
  • Immediate Response: We are your fast, professional, and discreet partner in critical cyber incidents.
  • Resource Mobilization: From forensics to data recovery to the threat expertise of AV-Test – our SITS group experts ensure that your IT systems are rapidly restored.
  • Compliance: We assist you in lawful cooperation with authorities.
  • Crisis Communication: In case of emergency, we support you in communicating with all stakeholders.

A Grinding Halt for Your Business

The Fatal Consequences of Poor Preparation.

When a cyber attack hits your company, every minute counts. Without the support of experts specialized in crisis management who can avert damage to your company, an IT shutdown – and thus the shutdown of your entire operation – is imminent.

From Operational Failures to Legal Consequence
A cyber-attack can cripple your company in an instant, causing long-term problems:

  • Frozen systems, shut down facilities, or complete transaction standstills.
  • Reputation risk in case of publicized security gaps or data theft.
  • Legal consequences by business partners or authorities.
  • High costs for quickly organizing an external Rapid Response Team.

Your Cyber Defense Expert Team
From SIEM to CTI to SOC: We implement our 24/7 Security Operations solutions for a 360°

CSIRT as a Service

To the Rescue: Response Beyond Recovery

Our CSIRT teams do more than just restore your IT systems: We support you in identifying vulnerabilities and proactively closing them. Plus, we prepare you with detailed incident response plans for emergencies. Our service includes:

Emergency Readiness
SITS develops strategic measures and detailed incident response plans for your company. In case a cyber-attack strikes, our rescue team supports you around the clock.
Ready-to-Act Teams
In case of emergency, we assemble the right team for you – ready to act immediately. Our emergency team includes, for example, pentesters or AV-TEST specialists to analyze cyber threats.
Crisis Communication
Our experts in crisis communication and data protection support you in effectively communicating with internal and external stakeholders as well as authorities.
Instant Recovery
After a security incident, we help you identify and close exploited security vulnerabilities and quickly restore your systems to normal operation.
100 % Discretion
When company internals fall into the wrong hands, you might face legal consequences. Our data protection and compliance experts act with the utmost caution and according to strict guidelines when handling your data.
Digital Forensics
Our forensic experts precisely determine the causes of security incidents, reconstruct attack paths, secure evidence, and help prevent future attacks.
Incident Recovery
The SITS Incident Recovery Service assesses the extent of damage, secures critical data, restores systems, and quickly gets your IT back up and running after a cyber attack.
Vulnerability Management
After a security incident, SITS identifies exploited vulnerabilities and immediately implements corresponding security measures.
Security Before & After
Cyber-attacks don’t play by business hours. That’s why we’re ready to act around the clock to protect and support your company before, during, and after a security incident.
24/7 Immediate Response
Round-the-clock management of your security incident based on years of experience, performed by certified experts remotely or on-site.
Reporting and Closing Security Gaps
Careful analysis and documentation of the incident and all measures taken, support in closing security gaps.
Discreet Communication
Compliant handling of your data, professional crisis communication, discreet reporting to authorities: We ensure a swift resolution of the incident and that your reputation suffers as little damage as possible.
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