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Know Your Attacker. Pentesting at a Glance.

Our penetration testing team adopts the perspective of attackers to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities. The SITS Group boasts highly specialized experts that conducting simulations of common attacks, identifying security gaps, and recommending specific measures. With our penetration testing packages, we guarantee valid results and concrete advice at a fixed price, offering you maximum transparency in both cost and performance.

Our Penetration Testing includes:

  • Thorough testing of your IT systems
  • Revealing vulnerable areas
  • Immediate, actionable recommendations on technology, organization, and policies

Unknown Weaknesses.

The Challenge of Counter-Attacking Attacks.

Cyber-attacks are constantly on the rise, with attackers discovering ever-new access points. Before, during, and after an incident, it’s critical to understand the scale of the problem immediately to prevent the theft of business secrets and data. Our Pentesting offer detects vulnerabilities and helps with necessary measures.

The Challenges
The Challenges

  • A lack of insight into potential attack paths, vulnerabilities, and security gaps, as well as attack methods
  • Insufficient assessment and prioritization of countermeasures.
  • Not enough preparation before an attack

Tailored Penetration Testing

Identitfy Attack Vectors Before Anyone Else Does.

We conduct a needs analysis tailored to your level of security to identify potential targets and vulnerabilities. Subsequently, our penetration testing team adopts the perspective of an attacker, taking into account areas including:

Pentesting as a Service

To detect security gaps, our simulated attacks take the following areas in to account :

  • External and internal IT infrastructures
  • Web and other applications – from shops to B2B to online banking systems
  • Networks: WLAN, WAN or LAN
  • Remote Access: Security of RDP, Citrix, or SSL-VPN, as well as home and remote offices
  • Mobile Apps for Android or iOS
  • REST/SOAP or other APIs, interfaces, and protocols
  • Control systems and industrial facilities
  • Social Engineering: Attacks like phishing, spear phishing, bypassing access controls, and physical security measures
  • …and much more!

Your Assessment & Advisory Team
Our experts are ready to implement Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Testing, BCM, and more – enhance your IT security and compliance.
Pentesting in Three Phases
Our comprehensive security assessments adhere to a three-tiered principle:
Preparation & Informationen
Execution & Analysis
Preparation & Informationen
Needs analysis and gathering of information on potential attack targets.
Execution & Analysis
Identification of security-relevant vulnerabilities through targeted penetration into the systems.
Presentation of findings with an assessment according to CVSS v3 and actionable recommendations.

Our Pentesting Offer

To test your infrastructure appropriately, we offer three dedicated testing packages:

Infrastructure Security
Network & Standards
Identifies where and how IT system can be compromised
Detects intruder movements within your network
PCI-DSS Check evaluates credit card data processing against current security standards.
Application Security
Web & Apps
Pinpoints vulnerabilities in your web applications
Exposes weaknesses in your mobile apps for iOS and Android
Adversary Simulation
Red & Purple Teaming
Red Teaming simulates assaults on your IT systems
Purple Teaming provides a comprehensive evaluation of your defensive line
Phishing Campaigns reveals which employees might succumb to phishing emails
Physical Red teaming assesses how unauthorized persosn can gain physical access to your premises

Our Pentesting Packages

Chose between the following Pentesting offers:
External Infrastructure
Internal Infrastructure
PCI-DSS Check 
Web Application
Mobile Application (iOS/Android)
Read Teaming
Purple Teaming
Phishing Campaigns
Physical Red Teaming
Your Benefits
Once the results are in, we jointly assess the vulnerabilities and highlight areas for improvement, assisting in implementation upon request. Your benefits:
Deep Insights
A comprehensive view of all vulnerabilities and weak points in your IT infrastructure.
Comprehensive Protection
Enhanced security through 360° solutions, expert knowledge, and controls from the SITS Group.
Complete Compliance
Methodical approaches that ensure compliance, executed by our trained experts.
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