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Resilient by Design: Business Continuity Management

Prepare for the unexpected: In case of IT outages, cyber-attacks, or any other emergencies, you need to respond quickly and effectively to avoid even more damage, data loss, and high costs for your company.

With our Business Continuity Management (BCM), you remain operational at all times: Thanks to emergency management, all your employees and rescue teams know which steps to take in case of a crisis and your company has all the necessary resources to quickly get back in business.

With SITS’s BCM, you plan for the unexpected and ensure safety unforeseen situations. It includes the following elements:

  • Identification and protection of critical business processes and supporting IT assets.
  • Minimization of downtime in the event of damage.
  • Emergency simulation to detect potential vulnerabilities
  • Clearly structured processes and prioritized steps for rebuilding IT systems.
  • Ensuring standards like BSI 200-4 or ISO 22301.

Emergency Planning

Weak Crisis Prevention and Preparation? A Risk to Your Business.

Without a professional Business Continuity Management, your company risks being unprepared for IT disruptions or cyber-attacks – and might take the wrong decisions too slowly ns. Worst case scenario: your entire business operation is endangered, for example, due to confidential data being compromised or IT systems taking too long to become operational again.

Keeping up Continuity: A Full-Time Job
Your Business Challenge

  • High costs and reputation damage as well as violations of contracts and ``Service Level Agreements``
  • Extended downtimes and high recovery costs after a business interruption
  • Endangerment of business continuity due to uncoordinated crisis management

Mastering Crises, Securing Continuity
Expect the Unexpected: Our BCM Solution

SITS’s BCM prepares you for IT security emergencies in your company. Our consulting and process implementation offers you resilience in times of crisis.

BSI Standards-based Preparation
We implement your BCM according to BSI standard 200-4. This defines the requirements for emergency management and establishes the necessary structures and processes.
Workshops & Trainings
We implement your BCM according to BSI standard 200-4. This defines the requirements for emergency management and establishes the necessary structures and processes.
Business Impact Analysis
To develop effective BCM strategies, we perform a business impact analysis to assess how downtime of your IT systems affects critical business processes of your company.

Our BCM Implementation

With our BCM, your company remains operational in crisis situations and can maintain business operations. The setup of BCM involves the following five steps: 

Definition of roles and responsibilities within the company as the basis for effective BCM.
Concept Development
Creation of an emergency concept including procedures to quickly restore the IT system in case of emergency.
Setting up software and workflows to anchor BCM in the company.
Testing and Drills
Testing the effectiveness of emergency processes and preparing for crises.
Testing and Drills
Refining plans through constant feedback, reviews, and adjustments.

Our BCM Packages

For a professional Business Continuity Management we offer three tailor-made packages.

I – Introductory Workshop
Level 1
Introduction to the fundamentals of BCM
Conducting a preliminary analysis to assess the current state
Developing a strategic BCM approach
Laying down organizational principles for continuity
II – Analysis & Preparation
Level 2
Identifying critical business processes and IT systems, potential damage scenarios, and immediate actionable items
Enhancing the organizational framework established
Initiating measures for a quick, organized business recovery post-disruption
III – Implementation according to BSI-200
Level 3
Executing a thorough BCM in line with BSI highStandard 200-4
Structuring BCM to meet time-sensitive processes
Aiming for certification under internationally recognized standards like ISO 22301
Your Assessment & Advisory Team
Our experts are ready to implement Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Testing, BCM, and more – enhance your IT security and compliance.
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