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Breach & Attack Simulation

Our Attack Path Management Service (APM) uncovers IT vulnerabilities and the entire attack trajectory from a hacker’s vantage point – it goes way beyond the scope of conventional pen testing. We deploy highly automated tools in place of the standard point-in-time, manual penetration tests.

APM takes your cyber defense strategy to the next level: It enables consistent monitoring and analysis of your entire IT security, alerts you in critical situations, and helps you remedy incidents. We pinpoint risks and help you solve them effectively, guarding your most vital resources, users, and applications.

  • Show you how an invader would move in your IT infrastructure and how to disrupt attack paths.
  • We unveil the weakest link in your company’s IT chain.
  • Combines our unique services with XM Cyber market leading solutions.

The Threat Unknown

Fighting Actors with Foresight.

The greatest threat in any IT environment is the unknown. On average, hackers can gain access to 94% of your critical resources in just 4 steps using undiscovered exposures. By using one vulnerability, hackers can gain access to dozens of other resources and systems in no time.

*Source: XM Cyber

Making future attacks more difficult with preventive measures
Attack Path Management: Effective protection
Compared to the potential impacts of cyber-attacks, the costs for preventive measures are absolutely negligible – any business can benefit from implementing an APM service. A Forrester study reported how specific ompanies achieved 394 percent ROI over three years by deploying an XM Cyber solution.*.

Specifically, the APM implementation brought about:
• Savings of $12.4 million from avoiding recovery actions, fines, revenue losses, and reputation damage

• A $1.4 million reduction in penetration testing costs

• A $700,000 cut in labor costs related to patching and fixing security flaws. A 90 percent decrease in the likelihood of a severe security incident

*Source: XM Cyber

Predictive Protection

Prevent threats through predictive analysis.

Our Attack Path Management service offers round-the-clock vigilance for your IT infrastructure. We unveil entry points from a hacker’s perspective and pinpoint the weakest links in the chain – you’re instantly aware of where your IT environment is vulnerable and which security gaps should be closed immediately.

Rapid Remediation
Our XM Cyber implementation enables active protection and new security strategies, allowing for an instant response to detected threats.
Breach & Attack Simulations
Our APM solution checks your IT security and continuously simulates attacks. With XM Cyber's tool-supported approach, we’re not using up any of your internal resources.
In-depth IT Analysis
Our analyses shed light on vulnerabilities in your IT without compromising the uptime of your systems.
Actionable Recommendations
We prioritize identified vulnerabilities based on their severity. Based on this, we create a roadmap for the implementation of key measures to enhance your IT security.
Easy Integration
Our APM seamlessly integrates into your IT and infrastructure and works in conjunction with third-party security solutions, providing a consolidated overview of all IT vulnerabilities.
Want to quickly assess your IT? Try our 30-day Exposure Assessment! Find more information here..
Your Assessment & Advisory Team
Our experts are ready to implement Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Testing, BCM, and more – enhance your IT security and compliance.

Attack Path Management: Our Packages

Our Attack Path Management serves as your shield against cyber-attacks. In collaboration with XM Cyber, we offer you a three-tiered service package. Our offerings range from initial setup, including configuration and training for your security team, to 24/7 monitoring and problem resolution.

Setup & Training
Application Management
Expert Training
Tenant Setup
Includes everything from Bronze, plus
Threat Management
Deep integration into your security process
Tenant Management
24/7 Management & Automation
Includes everything from Silver, plus:
24/7 APM Management and reaction to severe incidents
Automated Processing and Integration into Your Incident Management
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