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Privileged Access Management at a glance

Privileged identities, such as accounts or applications, often provide access to critical systems, sensitive data, or even other user accounts. PAM is your ally in reducing ransomware attacks and data breaches caused by identities with excessive rights—whether they’re users or applications. It also governs access such rights for partner and supplier companies connected to your network, safeguarding your supply chain.

The Threats of Privileged Accounts

Elevated Privileges come with Elevated Risks.

Privileged accounts are essential for important admin tasks like security checks or audits, but without proper security measures in place, can easily become a vulnerability.

Elevated Privileges come with Elevated Risks
Elevated Privileges come with Elevated Risks
Privileged accounts are essential for important admin tasks like security checks or audits, but without proper security measures in place, can easily become a vulnerability.

  • InIn today's remote world, hackers can gain access to your privileged accounts and steal data from servers, databases, main systems, web services, cloud services, VMs, or DevOps.
  • InRansomware attacks can hack critical data if key accounts aren't protected by privileged access.
  • InEmployees who have long left the company may still possess elevated rights, allowing easy ``return`` if security measures are inadequate.
  • InInternal threats: Insufficient control and monitoring of access by high-privilege employees can lead to insider risks.
  • InRegulatory requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, or CCPA demand careful handling of privileged accounts.

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Protecting Privileged Accounts
Privileged Access Management by SITS
SITS implements an end-to-end PAM solution to protect your accounts and manage access to your critical data. We offer you:

  • Enhanced Security: Closing security gaps in privileged accounts and protecting your digital assets.
  • Simple Compliance: Streamlining audits and seamless adherence to regulations.
  • Operational Efficiency: Automating privileged account management for optimized operations.
  • Control and Transparency: Clear insights into internal activities to ensure controlled access for all stakeholders.
  • Unified Access Policies: Implementing clear, easily enforceable policies for employees, partners, and suppliers.
  • “Best of Breed” Solutions: We implement the best available solutions on the market, tailored to your specific requirements, including the secure software solutions from CyberArk and Delinea.

Privileged Access Management
Protect Your Privileged Accounts in Three Phases
Assessment and Analysis
Proof of Concept
24/7 PAM as a Service
Assessment und Analyse
Identifying High Risks Our PAM assessment provides a detailed analysis of the security of your account landscape, including:
  • Comprehensive assessment of governance, risk, and compliance.
  • Identification of areas with privileged access.
  • Determination of which identities truly need privileged access and which do not.
  • Evaluation of your identity access management strategies.
Proof of Concept
Initial Setup and Testing Following an initial assessment and risk estimation, we begin a proof of concept phase to test the effectiveness of PAM in your specific IT environment. After completing the PoC phase, our specialists implement the full PAM solution that includes your critical assets like servers, data, services, and various account types – from administrative and cloud accounts to local accounts on mobile devices and in-house endpoints. Key benefits of our PAM include:
  • Schnelle Einrichtung – rasche Entdeckung privilegierter Konten und PAM-Installation sowie sofortige Überprüfung
  • Quick Setup – rapid discovery of privileged accounts and PAM installation, with immediate verification.
  • Automated password changes and secure storage solutions.
  • Extended audits and detailed reporting.
  • Integration with Active Directory, SAML, and Hardware Security Modules.
  • Flexibility – both on-premise and cloud-based deployment options.
24/7 PAM as a Service
After PAM implementation, our "PAM as a Service" is at your disposal, ensuring continuous system maintenance and prompt responses. Key features and benefits of our service include:
  • 24/7 Support: We're available around the clock for PAM system maintenance and swift incident responses.
  • Evolution from PAM to Extended PAM (XPM): We address risks associated with hybrid IT environments, cloud-based applications, and remote work.
  • Active Directory Bridging: We standardize and centralize the management of identities, authentications, and access controls via Microsoft Active Directory or Azure AD.
  • Scalability: Our PAMaaS easily expands to manage a multitude of account databases, network devices, and security tools.
  • Managed Services: We provide ongoing evaluations, consulting, training, license management, and more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a framework that ensures only the right individuals have appropriate access to technology resources within an enterprise. It facilitates the management of identities and the assignment of access rights based on defined policies, thus ensuring secure and efficient user identification and authorization.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) specifically focuses on 'privileged' accounts that have extensive access to critical systems and data. PAM solutions monitor and control privileged access, restricting the use of privileged accounts to ensure they are used under stringent conditions. PAM is, therefore, a specialized area of IAM that deals with the heightened risks and security requirements associated with privileged accounts.

IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) offers a comprehensive view of identity management and access control. It includes features like access certification, policy management, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), reporting, and compliance management. IGA solutions provide a framework for defining, reviewing, and managing access rights within organizations, as well as ensuring adherence to access policies and compliance requirements.

IAM, PAM, and IGA enable comprehensive management of user identities and access rights, thus safeguarding data privacy. They protect against unauthorized access and data breaches, improve operational management, and support compliance with data protection regulations and requirements. With the specific controls each discipline offers, businesses can enhance their security while ensuring efficient operational workflows.

In the context of IAM, 'identities' refer to the digital credentials and attributes that uniquely identify a person or service within an IT system. Identities may include:

  • Username and Password: The basic credentials a user needs to access a system.
  • Biometric Data: Fingerprints, facial recognition, or other physical characteristics used for authentication.
  • Digital Certificates: Electronic documents that verify a person's or machine's identity and enable secure communication.
  • Tokens: Physical devices or software-based keys used in authentication to create additional layers of security.
  • Attributes: Additional user information such as departmental affiliation, role in the company, or permission levels.

Managing these identities involves creating, updating, monitoring, and deleting user accounts and permissions within a company. Identity management systems ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive systems and data, playing a crucial role in protecting against unauthorized access and cyber attacks.

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