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Security Operations Center-as-a-Service at a Glance

Leave the protection and monitoring of your IT to SITS Group: Our Security Operations Center (SOC) acts as the command center for your company’s cyber defense. SITS’ security team monitors your network, analyzes threat data, and responds to security incidents – day and night. The SOC utilizes cutting-edge technologies and in-depth log analysis. It continuously works on refining protection mechanisms and actively enhancing your company’s security.

With our Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS), we detect threats early on and immediately repel attacks. State-of-the-art technologies and experienced expert teams ensure rapid responses and support the prevention of future dangers. Our SOC includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring & protection: Our Security Operations Center ensures the protection of your IT and data through SIEM, MDR, and more.
  • Instant Response and Discretion: We are your fast, professional, and discreet partner for critical cyber incidents.
  • Mobilization of SITS Group resources: From forensics to data rescuers to threat experts from AV-Test. We ensure a rapid restoration of your systems.
  • Crisis communication: Support in communicating with all stakeholders and rapid collaboration with authorities.

360 Degree Protection of Your IT

The Challenges of Proactive Cyberdefense

The era of remote work, multi-cloud systems, online services, collaboration tools like Teams, or local data servers is here – and so are an increase in attack surfaces for malicious actors.

Your Business Challenge
Your Business Challenge

  • Invisible threats: Hidden dangers such as Zero-Day exploits are harder to detect and require advanced defense strategies.
  • Closing detection gaps: New work models such as ``Work-from-Anywhere``, ``Bring Your Own Device`` (BYOD), and connected devices (OT/IoT) create new security vulnerabilities.
  • Fragmented cybersecurity tools: Studies show that over 65% of companies* use more than ten different tools – an organizational and financial challenge.
  • Overcoming expert shortages: Nearly 90% of companies* feel the shortage of skilled personnel in the security sector, making it difficult to maintain a security infrastructure.

*Source: ESG Report: SOC Market Trends (

Your Cyber Defense Expert Team
From SIEM to CTI to SOC: We implement our 24/7 Security Operations solutions for a 360°

Security Operations as a Service

24/7 Protection from One Partner

Our SITS security experts face these threats: In close collaboration with our in-house Cyber Threat Intelligence group of AV-TEST, we provide customized security solutions so you can focus on your core business again through comprehensive protection, rapid response capability, and secure restoration in case of emergency. It includes:

CTI as a Service

Gaining A Real Edge with Clear Data
With our Managed Cyber Threat Intelligence service, we offer crucial information and analyses. From now on, you can detect threats early before they can cause damage. Our service includes:

  • Discovery of credentials and data breaches: We immediately identify compromised personal data (PII) of your customers and employees.
  • Darknet and deep web monitoring: We detect malicious activities, including botnets, data releases, exploits, and services for cyber attacks, remote access trojans, and the trade of PII.
  • Takedown service: On your request, we remove malicious content related to phishing, malware, and brand rights violations on social networks, mobile applications, and websites.

XDR- und EDR-Services

Our Next-Generation Endpoint Detection
Our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) service elevates endpoint protection to the next level: Unlike traditional Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions, which are limited to endpoints, our managed XDR expands the focus to:

  • The integration of endpoints, networks, cloud infrastructures, and applications into a comprehensive security concept that protects your company from all angles.
  • An overview of your IT landscape, whether operated locally or in the cloud.
  • Professional management by our SITS experts, ensuring automated protection measures as well as manual interventions.

Incident Response

Prevention & Recovery
Our security network for emergencies. In the event of a security incident, our expert teams provide customized analyses to thwart future threats.

  • CSIRT service package: In an emergency, every second counts – Our specialists recognize attack patterns and immediately implement countermeasures to secure your systems and handle the incident with the utmost discretion. With our CSIRT service package, we uncover security vulnerabilities, assemble an experienced team, including penetration testers and threat experts from AV-TEST, and ensure compliance-conform handling of your information. Read more about CSIRT here.
  • Incident Response Service: Our premium service for incident response combats threats like intellectual theft, cybercrime, and data breaches. We investigate and resolve incidents comprehensively, enabling you to continue your business with minimal interruption.

Our SOCaaS offer

From Endpoint Protection to 24/7 SOC

SITS’s security teams monitor your IT and respond immediately to all potential threats. Choose from different packages: from monitoring during regular business hours (8 am to 5 pm) to complete 24/7 monitoring.

Basic – Managed EDR
Recommended for:
Secure setup, maintenance, and fine-tuning of your SIEM – executed by certified SITS expert teams
Onboarding with simulations and thorough analysis for future management of your system
Customized dashboards and reporting
Business – Managed EDR and SOC 8/5
Recommended for businesses looking for a full service solution:
Enhanced monitoring and a flexible "pay as you go" payment model for security incidents
Support in the event of an emergency: rapid response, concrete advice for problem resolution, and forensic analysis of all incidents
Critical – Managed EDR and SOC 24/7
Includes everything from basic and business packages, plus:
All services of the Basic and Business packages; additionally, 24/7 protection
SOC-as-a-Service: Your Benefits
Trust us With Your IT Security.
Comprehensive security, no ifs or buts: With our SOCaaS, you’re banking on expertise and technology. Our security team safeguards your IT, your data, and those who use it. They raise the alarm before dangers emerge – precisely and swiftly. The benefits of our SOCaaS include:
Strong Protection
Comprehensive protection against attackers with Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
Instant Alerts
Real-time monitoring of events and threat detection
Reduced Costs
Avoiding costly compliance breaches and financial burdens due to security incidents
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Frequently Asked Questions
The Most Important Answers around SOCaaS

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a company's cybersecurity hub. Professionals monitor and analyze network activities around the clock, responding to incidents and threats. An effective SOC identifies, investigates, and combats attacks before they can cause damage.

As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, a SOC is indispensable for protecting critical data and infrastructures. It enables companies to respond to security incidents in real time, comply with compliance requirements, and provides a holistic view of the security posture, strengthening resilience against cyber attacks.

A SOC combines human expertise, defined processes, and modern technology to monitor IT security. Expert teams use SIEM systems to monitor traffic and user behavior in real time. If there is suspicion of security breaches, they immediately initiate investigations, use forensic tools for analysis, and implement countermeasures to ward off further threats and secure the IT environment.

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