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Swiss Transport Authority Suffers Cyber Attack
05. april 2023

A Swiss-based municipal transport service suffered a targeted „Ransomware-as-a-service“ attack in 2022. The first imperative: The authority put Swiss IT Security AG on the job and our experts were on-site in hours to isolate and restore operations. Critical steps included:

  1. Damage Control and Mitigation: The malware was removed and all critical services, including virtual machines and file servers, were isolated from the ransomware encryption. The team reinstalled all essential systems from scratch or restored areas that were still salvageable.
  2. Analysis: Exact damage analysis of all affected clients, servers, apps, services, and files.
  3. Setting up Recovery Systems: Swiss IT Security AG implemented an emergency recovery infrastructure and rebuild all systems step by step.
  4. Recovery: All files and apps were restored and put back into regular operations.
  5. Security Hardening: Across all areas, Swiss IT Security went on to improve security by implementing a secure CISCO network infrastructure, cloud backup solutions based on crypto locker and georedundant backups as well as Fortigate network security solutions. Last but not least, ‘Security Awareness trainings’ trainings were next on the agenda.
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