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Zero Trust at a Glance

“Zero Trust” has grown to be an established security concept for businesses. It operates under the assumption that threats can occur at any time outside and within the network or cloud – or that the IT infrastructure is already compromised. Regardless of location, the concept trusts no device or user: it strictly relies on verification, authorization, and continuous validation.


SITS offers you the implementation of a robust Zero Trust architecture, including identity and access management, multi-level authentication processes, and micro-segmentation for your networks.

This ensures that only verified individuals or devices have access to your IT resources. Our Zero Trust implementation provides all-around protection for your IT:

  • With clear access restrictions, Zero Trust helps reduce threats from data breaches or insiders, network and remote vulnerabilities, and compliance issues.
  • SITS implements a “Never trust, always verify” philosophy in your company – with tools like Cloud Access Network Broker and security training.
  • Our specialists implement a proactive, fully scalable protection, ensuring compliance and 24/7 availability.
  • Thanks to our Zero Trust expertise, you gain clear insights into potential security incidents – and support in restoring your IT in the event of an emergency.

How Safe is Safe?

New Threats Call for New Approaches to Security.

In recent years, malware attacks and data theft due to weak or stolen passwords and a lack of access controls have massively increased. To protect yourself, you must ensure clear identity and access management, among other measures.

Your Business Challenge
Vulnerabilities due to Missing Controls
``Why did our intern have access to our new project's data?``

``Why could our former employee log into the system?``

``How do we enable a remote employee to work securely from a coffee shop?``

``Who is accessing our network right now and how?``

In the age of remote work, cloud services, and globally distributed devices, companies face these questions on a daily basis. These particularly concern security gaps that originate from unclear allocation of access rights, inadequate access controls, and insecure data connections.

Zero Trust provides reliable solution: The concept ensures clear rules, security awareness among employees, and control to let you prevent any harm, such as:

  • Unauthorized access & data incidents: Accesses by unauthorized persons threaten network security and sensitive data.
  • Insider threats: Insiders who can access data unauthorized due to a lack of access controls pose a massive security risk.
  • Home office vulnerabilities: Securing home office workplaces demands consistent access policies and secure connections.
  • Network exploits & malware: Poor access segmentation and control increase the risk of network exploits and malware infections.
  • Compliance and regulation: Data breaches due to lack of access controls can lead to fines and sanctions.

Your Workload & Network Security Expert
Contact our experts for advanced network and workload security solutions including Zero Trust Access, Next-Gen Firewalls, and SASE. We offer tailored security strategies and management for comprehensive protection.
The Extra Layer: Zero Trust
Time to Rethink Classic Password Protection.

According to the three fundamental principles of Zero Trust (Zero Trust Workplace, Workload, and Workforce – see our cheat sheet), we improve the protection of your digital accounts and identities thanks to:

MFA Verification
With Multi-Factor Authentication, we protect you from account takeover attacks. Our SITS experts set up secure authentication that minimizes the risk of unauthorized access.
We isolate critical workloads in your network to protect them from unauthorized access and ensure your data remains secure.
Access with Minimal Privileges
By implementing the "principle of least privilege," we limit access to sensitive information, reduce the attack surface, and minimize the risk of data breaches.
24/7 Monitoring
Our specialists monitor your network in real-time, immediately identify threats, and respond promptly to security incidents to protect your data and systems.

Zero Trust – powered by SITS

As a 360° service provider, we identify vulnerabilities in all areas of your company and implement Zero Trust across the board. This gives you an all-around protection against unauthorized access.


Proactive Zero Trust Implementation

Our focus is on preventing security breaches before they even occur: We implement Zero Trust for accounts, data, and apps. Unlike traditional perimeter defenses, we rely on a Zero Trust solution that adapts to every situation – without asking for verification too frequently or unnecessarily.


Next-Gen Technologies

We enhance the performance of our Zero Trust implementation with AI support. Our solution legally monitors the behavior of services and employee access to IT system – and improve anomaly detections using machine learning. It also includes adaptive access rights that change depending on the employee’s location or the security status of their device.

On top of this, our offer includes:

  • Training programs: With comprehensive training, we strengthen the awareness and security practices of your team.
  • Security thanks to compliance: Our Zero Trust solution provides full compliance. We carry out all necessary controls to comply with standards such as FINMA, BAFIN, or HIPTA.

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