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Workload Security at a Glance

Whether in the cloud, virtual environments, or on-premises storage – our Workload Security package protects all your applications and data, no matter where they ‘live’. It includes:

  • Comprehensive protection of workloads including applications, services, data, and users on on-premises or cloud resources such as virtual machines, containers, databases, or local clients
  • Perimeter-spanning security across multiple clouds (Public, Private, Hybrid) and on-premises resources
  • Customized protection for all your company’s operational processes through specific and granular solutions instead of a generic protection approach
  • Optimization and fine-tuning by our expert teams

Multi-Vector Attacks

Targeted attacks require combined measures.

In complex IT infrastructures of hybrid and multi-cloud systems, a variety of workloads like VMs, databases, and more usually performed every single day. Unified protection against attacks or compliance breaches in such environments is hardly possible.

Your Business Challenge
Your Business Challenge

  • Threats in hybrid infrastructures: Businesses need protection from sophisticated threats targeting multi-cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Compliance issues: Companies must adhere to industry standards and regulations to minimize the risk of fines and reputational damage.
  • Advanced persistent threats (APT): Businesses must protect themselves from malware that remains deeply hidden in their system to steal sensitive data or disrupt operations.
  • Insider threats: Risks from internal vulnerabilities, whether accidental or malicious, must be minimized through monitoring and countermeasures.

Your Workload & Network Security Experts
Contact our experts for advanced network and workload security solutions including Zero Trust Access, Next-Gen Firewalls, and SASE. We offer tailored security strategies and management for comprehensive protection.

All-Round Protection for Workloads

From local clients to databases in the cloud, we identify and protect all your workloads and resources with a combination of numerous services and software solutions.

Cloud Workload Protection
Our Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) provides protection for your workloads that grows as your cloud grows and adapts to your needs.
Data Analysis Through SIEM
Our Security Information and Event Management monitors your network, evaluates security-relevant data, and detects threats in real-time. Read more about our SIEM here./a>
Data Loss Prevention
Our DLP system detects and protects sensitive information to prevent data leaks and unauthorized access. Read more about Data Loss Prevention here.
Threat Intelligence & Response
Our AI-powered Threat Intelligence tools continuously analyze data and provide timely information on current cyber threats – enabling you to respond quickly.
Workload Security – Your Benefits
Protection for every endpoint, every workload, every resource: Our experts analyze and protect your IT workloads and cloud structures. Our offer comprehensively secures all areas. Your benefits:
Customizable and Scalable Solutions
Our services can be individually tailored to the needs of your company, are flexible, and grow with your infrastructure.
Expertise and Proactive Support
Our team brings in-depth expertise and offers proactive support to prevent and reduce threats, downtime, and risks.
Powerful Analysis
Through detailed analyses and advanced threat intelligence expertise, we enable insights into new threats – and quick responses.
Complete Compliance & Governance
Our solution helps you stay compliant with industry standards and legal requirements, minimizing the risk of fines, and supporting you in meeting complex regulatory requirements.
All-Round Protection by Strong Partners
Through our multi-vendor approach and the combination of leading technologies from Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, and Cato Networks, we provide reliable protection against the latest threats.
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