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Discover how the Office for IT and Telecommunications, SITel, enhanced the complete lifecycle management of digital certificates using Keyon’s true-Xtender on their existing Microsoft PKI. Learn about the advanced search and reporting functionalities, as well as third-party certificate monitoring.

The BKW Group’s Europe-wide acquisition of several companies and the continuously increasing mobility demands made it necessary to adjust their IT infrastructure in order to encourage and ensure secure collaboration across all affiliated companies and within the BKW Group itself. There-fore, they decided to invest in a Microsoft based solution. The focus was on improving collaboration, regardless of the device types, app types, and the location.

Key steps:

#1 – Juridical and organizational rollout preparations for Microsoft 365 to all employees across the test group

Even before running a PoC study, legal feasibility had to be ensured. Swiss IT Security AG and the authorities worked closely with their legal departments and lawyers to establish data security and privacy guidelines.

#2 – Technical scope and execution

 Microsoft 365 had to be customized on a policy and technical level to ensure data privacy and proper behavior is in-line with guidelines set by the police office and Swiss IT Security AG, to prevent any data from leaking outside of the organization.

# 3 – Project leadership

Once all technical restrictions had been properly prepared and accounted for, Swiss IT Security AG moved from theory to execution, launching project management of the PoC in co-operation with stakeholders, ICT operators, and other service providers.

Our expertise, project leadership, and stakeholder management guaranteed both a successful plan and execution of this PoC.