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MXDR at a Glance

Our Managed Extended Detection and Response solutions protect your clients, network identities, cloud services, collaboration tools, and much more. As a Microsoft-verified MXDR partner, we give you round-the-clock protection for your company’s IT systems – all thanks to a combination of SIEM, Managed Security Operations Center (SOC), and an XDR system based on Sentinel and Defender. We offer:

  • 24/7 threat monitoring, detection, analysis, and prioritization
  • Protection for endpoints, networks, cloud infrastructures, and applications – a 360-degree cyber defense technology
  • Managed service – ideal in times of skilled labor shortages
  • 24/7/365 threat defense through the Microsoft-verified combination of SIEM data sources and proactive XDR protection


The Headaches of Swiftly Identifying and Eliminating Threats.

Companies are under constant attack: Threats like ransomware, phishing, and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) target their cloud and network resources. With a deluge of security alerts, it’s essential to differentiate between friend and foe – and to proactively counteract real dangers.

Your Business Challenges
Your Business Challenges

  • Complex cyber threat landscape: Traditional endpoint solutions are overwhelmed with new attack tactics.
  • Gaps in security architecture: Insufficiently protected endpoints, identities, and cloud services are a real risks for companies.
  • Alarm fatigue in SOCs: A high volume of warnings often leads to your staff overlooking actual threats.
  • Lack of response speed: Employees and IT teams aren’t always capable of responding quickly to attacks, potentially leading to data losses and outages.
  • Legal issues: Strict regulations like TISAX, BSI guidelines, or ISO standards force companies to improve their security measures.

Your Cyber Defense Expert Team
From SIEM to CTI to SOC: We implement our 24/7 Security Operations solutions for a 360°

Managed Extended Detect & Response

Certified by Microsoft

Our Microsoft-certified Managed XDR service offers comprehensive security thanks to extended protection and response services. While traditional EDR (Endpoint Detect and Response) solutions focus on individual devices, we focus on the complete protection of your IT, including:

360-Degree Protection
Our MXDR provides comprehensive protection for your devices, identities, collaboration tools, and clouds. Only this smart combination leads to a complete security architecture.
Managed Service
Our expert team responds to incidents around the clock and resolves issues instantly.
Threat Intelligence
SITS specialists analyze threats and recognize their targets and potential consequences, allowing for any threat to be quickly neutralized.
In the event of security incidents, a forensics team reconstructs the attack and entry point to prevent similar future attacks.
AI-Powered Automation
Thanks to advanced AI capabilities, our MXDR solution automatically responds to complex cyber-attacks, isolates compromised devices, and stops lateral movements by attackers.
Prioritized Analysis
Microsoft’s Defender XDR software analyzes and prioritizes incidents based on the trillions of threat data points that flow daily into Microsoft’s data centers. This helps your SOC team to manage threats by severity and combat them.
MXDR: Your Benefits
Combining advanced detection technology, Microsoft’s expertise, and proactive countermeasures, our MXDR offers companies comprehensive protection against cyber threats.
Instant Threat Eliminiation
With our MXDR, you have round-the-clock access to Microsoft’s expertise, allowing you to close security gaps and optimize your SOC operations.
Instant Reaction
The SITS expert team prioritizes and analyzes security incidents, ensuring quick and effective resolutions.
Automatically Counter Attacks
Our Microsoft-verified MXDR solution automatically stops sophisticated attacks with ransomware or phishing emails: Affected devices and user accounts are automatically isolated.
Frequently Asked Questions

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) focuses on monitoring, detecting, and responding to threats specifically affecting end devices such as PCs and smartphones. MXDR extends the scope of protection by not only covering end devices but also networks, cloud services, and other IT resources. Managed Extended Detection and Response offers comprehensive monitoring and analysis of threats and is typically provided as a managed service managed by security professionals.

A Security Operations Center (SOC) significantly enhances Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) through its expanded coverage of resources and devices (see the question above). MXDR not only detects and responds to threats but also brings a team of security professionals who monitor the company's IT around the clock, observing and analyzing the security situation, and responding immediately to anomalies.

MXDR seamlessly integrates into existing security infrastructures. It is designed to complement them by aggregating and analyzing data from various sources. The integration is done through APIs that allow MXDR to collect information from EDR systems, firewalls, SIEM tools, and other security solutions. This fosters a holistic view of the security posture and enables security teams to detect and respond to threats more efficiently.

MXDR solutions utilize AI to identify patterns in large data sets that could indicate security incidents. AI technologies, including machine learning, allow MXDR to detect threats faster, reduce false positives, and implement automated countermeasures. Continuous analysis of behavior patterns and adjustment to new threats significantly improve the effectiveness of security measures.

MXDR supports compliance requirements through continuous monitoring and analysis of network traffic and system activities. Detailed reporting on detected threats and subsequent responses can demonstrate that appropriate security measures have been taken. Moreover, the insights gained from MXDR help to improve security policies and procedures in line with regulatory standards.

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