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The SITS Code of Conduct
Our Code of Conduct is a Group-wide guideline for all employees. It is intended to make it easier to deal with existing rules in the Group and is a good orientation for all of us. The focus is on respect for all fellow human beings and the responsibility of each individual employee for our corporate culture.
The SITS Whistleblower System
Our whistleblowing system is responsible for reporting serious breaches of rules and laws by employees of the Group. Business partners, customers or other third parties also have the opportunity to submit reports around the clock via various reporting channels in the event of possible concrete indications of violations of rules.

Information submitted via this portal is treated as strictly confidential. The provision of this specially secured communication platform offers the opportunity to protect their anonymity and at the same time to actively participate in the clarification of possible violations of the law or criminal behavior. If you choose to use the whistleblower reporting system, there are no active cookies on this linked page and no email or IP address will be transmitted and recorded.

Reporting by phone

Of course, anyone can also make a report by telephone at +49 241-56527301 and leave a message in a voicebox, which we will follow up on. Important! When doing so, you should suppress your telephone number; it is also possible that you can be identified by your voice. We therefore recommend that you report incidents in writing.

This way of reporting complies with the “EU Directive on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law” and obliges management to follow up on all tips, including anonymous ones.

Our expectations of our business partners
SITS Group is committed to responsible business practices and conducting business according to the highest ethical standards. We seek to maintain stable and honest business relationships with all of our business partners, including suppliers, consultants, agents and customers. We expect our business partners to adopt the following principles to ensure compliance with SITS Group’s social responsibility commitments.
Our Compliance Team
Transparency and openness are our top priorities.
Transparency and openness are our top priorities. We are convinced that outstanding success can only be achieved under such conditions. We can be reached at any time via the following e-mail address If you wish to remain anonymous, please use the Whistleblower Hotline.
Heiner Luntz
Heiner Luntz
Axel Zahn
Axel Zahn
Compliance Officer