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Closing the Gaps and Minimizing the Risks

“Work from anywhere” and cloud-based working environments open up completely new attack vectors for cyber criminals. Attacks on companies’ IT systems can lead to production outages, loss of trust, sanctions and therefore high costs. It is therefore important to prevent risks and comply with current security standards.

Risk Management & Assessment allows company IT threats to be analyzed, assessed and evaluated. Good management includes the following elements:

  • Assessment of the current status: Identification of vulnerabilities and identification and implementation of compliance requirements and guidelines
  • Cyber security roadmap: development of a roadmap for regular assessments of the IT infrastructure, 360° analysis in the form of a managed service and training programs for employees
  • Implementation of emergency plans: clearly defined processes for all areas of the company as part of business continuity management in order to maintain ongoing business operations in the case of an emergency

Expect the Unexpected

Identify unknown vulnerabilities at an early stage

Employees working from remote offices, data in the cloud, networked IT structures: these are just some of the many exposed paths that enable attacks on a company’s business processes. Risk Management & Assessment helps to assess and evaluate these and other threats and initiate preventive countermeasures.

What is Risk Management?
Top Reasons for Risk Management
This is what Risk Management is about
Identification and evaluation of potential vulnerabilities in your IT
Risk management in the field of cyber security means identifying, assessing and controlling digital risks such as vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and among employees, as well as liability and compliance issues.

Careful preparation for an emergency is crucial: this enables companies to reduce serious consequences of attacks such as operational downtime or financial losses, but also to mitigate minor disruptions to operational processes.

The development of risk management processes includes employees, the IT infrastructure and the company's internal processes. Security assessments such as penetration tests are also required to proactively identify and eliminate vulnerabilities.

Top motivations for Risk Management
1. Strategic preparation for security threats: With over 23,000 new vulnerabilities discovered each year, endpoints, cloud solutions and networks are more vulnerable than ever. This applies to employees, partners and all of a company's technologies.

2. Standards and laws as a strategic compass: Active risk management, anchored in international standards such as NIS2, ISO 27001 or PCI DSS , forms the backbone of corporate management and supports strategic alignment. However, non-compliance with regulations leads to sanctions and unforeseeable financial consequences.

3. Emergency processes: In the event of a cyber attack, predefined processes must take effect and employees must be able to act immediately.

4. Comprehensive risk assessment: This raises awareness of cyber security throughout the company and promotes preventive behavior to strengthen security.

Successful Risk Management solutions consist of:
1. Detection of vulnerabilities: The RMA identifies security flaws in the IT infrastructure and prepares a risk assessment, recommendations for action and regular reports. Pentesting and red teaming are also used to systematically identify IT security risks.

2. Compliance checks: These ensure compliance with IT security standards, such as ISO standards or NIS.

3. Business continuity in an in an emergency: During and after an attack, business continuity teams ensure the smooth continuation of business operations.

4. Awareness training: Phishing simulations and other awareness training courses sharpen employees' security awareness and are designed to test human factors.

Risk towards zero with Risk Management
Four phases to be prepared for risks
Initial Consulting
360° Vulnerability Scans
Establishing an Emergency Plan
24/7 Managed Service & Reportings
Initial Consulting
Straightforward initial consultation and assessment of the vulnerabilities of the IT infrastructure with prioritized recommendations. This is followed by the development of a comprehensive roadmap for implementing the necessary countermeasures.
360° Vulnerability Scans
Simulated attacks on the company's infrastructure - both digital and physical, if desired - reveal potential vulnerabilities in networks, applications, apps and devices. IT is subjected to a comprehensive endurance test. The SITS experts protect companies today from the threats of tomorrow - and also adopt the hacker perspective. SITS consulting also includes support with professional software solutions that identify and prevent attack vectors in the IT infrastructure.
Establishing an Emergency Plan
Companies can only respond quickly and appropriately to an incident or IT emergency with a well designed emergency management system. This is how we set up reliable business continuity management:
  • In our workshops, we introduce the topic and analyze the current state of the company's IT.
  • We identify and secure critical business processes and IT assets.
  • We set up emergency simulations.
  • We create structures to rebuild the IT systems.
We comply with international standards such as BSI 200-4 and ISO 22301.
24/7 Managed Service & Reportings
After implementation, 24/7 operation starts to secure your business IT. Our specialist teams provide training, continuously monitor your IT for vulnerabilities and are available immediately in the event of an emergency. The service also includes the provision of regular reports and guidance.
Security just one click away!
Our experts for Assessment & Advisory will be at your side: From penetration tests to compliance - we build tailor-made strategies to take your IT security to the next level.
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The SITS Services
Risk Management & Assessment
From dealing with hidden threats to employee training and secure emergency management: SITS Risk Management & Assessment closes security gaps before they lead to problems and ensures maximum security.

Your Advantages

Risk-free Security
The SITS experts will analyze and secure your company’s IT infrastructure for you. Our “Risk & Assessment” services include:
  • 24/7/365 prevention and assessments by experienced professionals and with approved solutions
  • Full compliance: NIS2, PCI DSS and HIPAA require regular vulnerability scans to protect sensitive data.
  • Save time and resources – so you can focus on what you know and do best: Your business
  • Access to our specialist team: Our security experts reduce downtime and save your company internal costs.
  • Safety net for emergencies: Our BCM also ensures that your business operations are maintained or restored in the event of an emergency or crisis.

Your digital stronghold is just a click away.
Contact us for customized security strategies.

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