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Prevention versus Cure

Imagine being able to trace a hacker’s potential moves within your IT infrastructure: You’ll recognizing and neutralize possible attack paths to your critical corporate data.

That’s exactly what our Exposure Assessment offers –  in just 30 days!

Exposure Assessment goes beyond conventional automated penetration tests. By integrating sensors into your network, we will safely simulate potential attack scenarios without straining your systems.

Sample Report

An In-Depth Look into Our Assessment
Check out our sample report to gain a detailed insight into our assessment methodology and results. Discover how we identify risks and quickly propose solutions to enhance your IT security.
Exposure Assessments
Tailored Evaluation of Your IT Security.

Our 30-Day Exposure Assessments give you comprehensive protection against ransomware, hybrid cloud threats, and vulnerabilities in Active Directory thanks to deep insights.

Ransomware Assessment
Our Ransomware Exposure Assessment outlines the potential consequences of a ransomware attack on your system and allows you to set up targeted barriers.
Hybrid Cloud Assessment
Identifies potential attack vectors in your hybrid environment and offer solutions to secure your system transitions and interfaces.
Active Directory Assessment
Focuses on analyzing the complex structures and configurations of your Active Directory to identify potential security gaps.
Your Assessment & Advisory Team
Our experts are ready to implement Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Testing, BCM, and more – enhance your IT security and compliance.
Exposure Assessments - Overview

By integrating sensors into your network, we simulate potential attack scenarios in a safe environment. Our approach avoids straining your systems without causing outages or extra work for your staff.

Our Approach

Our experienced team examines all aspects of your IT environment, from software and hardware to network components, configurations, and user behavior.

Once the Exposure Assessment is complete, we provide you with a comprehensive report prioritizing vulnerabilities based on their risk level to help you make informed decisions.


Depending on your needs, you can choose between three variants of our Exposure Assessment: Ransomware Exposure Assessment, Cloud Exposure Assessment, and Active Directory Exposure Assessment.

Data Protection

We guarantee the highest level of data protection throughout the assessment process. Our sensors do not read or transmit any file contents, emails, or database contents. Our service is hosted in a BSI-certified C5 AWS data center in Frankfurt and complies with GDPR and ISO 27001 standards.

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Account Manager, SITS Group