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Network Security

New vectors like IoT, remote work, and increasingly sophisticated attack modes have increased the dangers to your local or cloud-based IT.

Our network security solutions offer comprehensive protection for your entire network architecture, combining multiple software and consultancy solutions from a single source. Our offering includes:

  • Cutting-edge firewall technologies: Next-Generation Firewalls that proactively protect your network from zero-day threats and unauthorized access.
  • Cloud & identity protection: Identity management and comprehensive cloud security solutions that ensure security and control, even with remote work in place.
  • Secure network architecture: Seamless integration of SD-WAN with SITS security measures to enhance the security of your entire network.
  • Secure remote work: Modern VPN solutions and authentication methods to safeguard mobile work forms.
  • Security awareness training: Minimizing risks caused by human error, such as phishing attacks.
  • Expert consultation from SITS: Continuous support and proactive threat detection by SITS to monitor your IT systems around the clock and respond to threats immediately.

Attacks on Your Network & Cloud

When every link in the network chain can be a gateway.

Cyber-attacks specifically target the diversity of globally distributed devices  and services in the “work-from-anywhere” era to access sensitive corporate data.

Small misconfigurations of cloud services or security systems like firewalls quickly become gateways for hackers. They also relentlessly seek vulnerabilities in local networks and cloud structures.

Your Business Challenge
Your Business Challenge

  • Advanced malware and zero-day threats in cloud environments and SaaS applications.
  • Increased threat potential due to insufficient cataloging of network devices, including IoT and remote devices.
  • Identity and access management issues that require secure user administration.
  • Security gaps due to remote work.

Your Workload & Network Security Experts
Contact our experts for advanced network and workload security solutions including Zero Trust Access, Next-Gen Firewalls, and SASE. We offer tailored security strategies and management for comprehensive protection.

360° Protection for Your Network

Zero-gap security for both cloud and local networks.

With our expertise and combined deployment of leading technologies from providers like Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, or Cato Networks, we offer multilayered defense against modern cyber-attacks. We protect every node of your network, from SaaS applications to your employees’ devices. Our network protection includes:

Protection Against Cyber-attacks
With Next-Generation Firewalls, cloud security solutions, and asset management from Palo Alto Networks, we safeguard your infrastructure.
Blocking Network Intruders
We deploy powerful Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to block unauthorized access and cyber-attacks on your network.
Identity Management
With strict, user-based policies, we control who has access to your network and manage the permissions of all your user identities.
Secure Work from Anywhere
Our VPN solutions facilitate remote work without compromising network security and performance.
Secure Network Architecture
Cato Networks' SD-WAN security solutions protect your distributed networks and optimize their performance.
Secure Collaboration with M365
By leveraging the Microsoft Cloud, your cloud environment becomes more secure and your employees work more efficiently.
Network Security – Your Benefits
The experts at SITS analyze and protect your local and cloud-based networks. They secure every link in the network chain and comprehensively safeguard all areas. Your benefits:
Sophisticated Network Protection Strategies
Custom-tailored security solutions precisely adapted to the needs of your business.
Training and Awareness
Through training, consultation, and support, we effectively and securely secure deploy all tools and systems to protect your cloud and network.
24/7 Threat Detection and Protection
We proactively search for potential threats to prevent security breaches in advance. Plus, our expert team is available around the clock with monitoring and rapid response to attacks.
Seamless Compliance & Governance
Our solution lets you become and stay compliant with industry standards and legal requirements, minimizes the risk of fines, and supports you in meeting complex regulatory demands.
Strong Protection Through Strong Partners
Our multi-vendor approach and combination of leading technologies from Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Microsoft, and Cato Networks guarantee reliable protection against network and cloud threats.
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