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With the October 2024 deadline to merge the EU’s NIS2 Directive into national law, over 30,000 companies face the task of aligning their processes with new legal requirements – a massive undertaking that, however, boosts cybersecurity in your enterprise. Discover more about NIS2 and its challenges in our NIS2-themed world.

As a certified Microsoft partner, SITS supports you in achieving compliance with solutions like Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud. This includes comprehensive encryption techniques for secure data transfer, multi-factor authentication, regular security audits, and awareness training – non-compliance can lead to hefty fines and sanctions. SITS’s NIS2 expert team ensures your company’s compliance with Microsoft solutions. A brief overview of our services:

  • Performing an assessment of your NIS2 conformity
  • A comprehensive roadmap for implementing NIS2 guidelines in enterprises with Microsoft Cloud solutions
  • End-to-end implementation of the Zero-Trust philosophy
  • Includes SITS’s 360° solutions such as Risk and Asset Management, IAM, Data Security, Awareness Training, and Business Continuity Management.

NIS2 Implementation: Not a One-Off Solution

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Adapting to NIS2 regulations and reporting processes presents significant challenges: from IT to development to HR – your entire organization must adjust to make sure you remain compliant. NIS2 requires ongoing audits and implementations to maintain.

Challenges for Your Business
Challenges for Your Business
  • Comprehensive adaptation of security policies to new standards to meet extended NIS2 requirements
  • Extended reporting obligations for security incidents require a comprehensive incident response management
  • Intensified monitoring and control of networks and systems for early detection of vulnerabilities and attacks
  • Constant training and awareness-raising among all employees to minimize human errors and promote a culture of cybersecurity
  • Compliance with data protection laws in accordance with new NIS2 regulations to avoid fines and sanctions.

Security just one click away!
NIS2 compliance made easy! Get consulting from NIS2 experts to keep your organization secure and compliant. We manage all regulatory aspects so that you can focus on your core business.
Our 360° NIS2 Consultation
Comprehensive NIS2 Review and Implementation
Get data security, training, and 24/7 monitoring of your entire IT: Our solutions and expert teams support you in building an end-to-end security architecture with Microsoft Security solutions to fully conform with NIS2.
The Human Factor
Protecting Users with Training, Malware, and Identity Management
Hackers exploit human weaknesses through Human Weaknesses: Employees might overlook a typo in an email address and click on seemingly trustworthy links – and can get quick access to accounts. We protect your employees at every point of the attack chain: Microsoft 365 security solutions (see below) and SITS expert teams protect your company, your employees, and their identities from identity theft and data breaches.

Protecting Your User Identities and Accounts

Powered by Microsoft Security Solutions

We offer comprehensive protection for your employees against potential dangers through regular training and updates, supported by advanced tools.

Microsoft Defender XDR
Protects user identities, endpoints, infrastructures, mailboxes, and cloud apps; comprehensive overview of threats and automated response.
Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA)
Secure log-in for employees: Multi-factor authentication provides far greater security than traditional password entry.
Trainings & Awareness
Get awareness training with attack simulations to sensitize your employees to cyber threats.
Protect Your Corporate Data
Data: The Prime Target of Cyber Attacks
Hackers primarily target customer, employee, and business data. Theft, misuse, or manipulation of this data can have devastating consequences for companies: compliance violations, reputation damage, production outages, or even loss of data integrity.

Comprehensive data protection is therefore a part of every cybersecurity strategy and should be considered in NIS2 preparation. Implementing the security architecture required by NIS2 also helps to comply with stringent GDPR regulations.

Protecting Your Data

Powered by Microsoft Security Solutions

The SITS offer helps you to extensively protect your data with Microsoft Security solutions.

Microsoft Purview Information Protection
Continuous 360° view of all data in the company; data classification and privacy protection.
Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management
Mandatory enforcement of deletion and retention periods in accordance with GDPR.
Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management
Links signals from the M365 platform to detect potentially risky behavior.

360° Device Protection

Securing Your Fleet of Devices: Safe Mobile and Hybrid Work Environments
Hybrid and mobile work models have rapidly increased cyber risks, not least due to the variety of devices used, some of which are also used privately, offering hackers additional points of entry.
A NIS2-appropriate cybersecurity strategy must manage, secure, and protect all endpoints – from smartphones to laptops to the classic PC in the enterprise.

Protecting Your Endpoints

Powered by Microsoft Security Solutions

Microsoft cybersecurity solutions and the SITS expert teams ensure comprehensive protection of all devices used to access your corporate IT. They also enable central device management and access control.

Microsoft Intune
A comprehensive management solution for corporate and employee devices to control and manage endpoints, applications, and settings.
Microsoft Defender XDR
Extensive protection of mobile devices against known and novel malware and attacks.
Bitlocker Encryption
Hardware-based encryption of smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


Ongoing Control and Analysis
There’s no security without control: Only thanks to 24/7 detection and analysis of current security risks and threats can you quickly close vulnerabilities and counter new threats.

NIS2 also requires extensive reporting obligations on security incidents and measures taken.

Cyber Surveillance

Powered by Microsoft Security Solutions

Microsoft security solutions regularly inform you of new threats and risks, collect comprehensive data for your documentation, and fend off cyber-attacks.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud
An advanced security tool that monitors cloud resources, identifies threats, and strengthens cyber defenses.
Microsoft Sentinel
Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) that collects data 24/7 through AI-supported analysis and automation to fend off attacks.
Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager
Central compliance dashboard for organizational and technical measures to meet NIS2 requirements.
Microsoft Purview e-Discovery & Audit
Central tool for data collection in forensic analyses that aids in meeting reporting obligations.

Covering NIS2 Principles Through Microsoft Security Solutions

These Microsoft Security Solutions form the perfect foundation to meet any of the new requirements of NIS2. Our security experts support with the implementation of a solution as well as a tailored security strategy for your company.

Are you ready for NIS2?

Our checkliste will help you assess the security status of your IT and ensure that you meet the complex NIS2 requirements.
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