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Digital Signatures at a Glance

Most ucial documents, from certificates to contracts and tax paperwork, can be legally signed with a click nowdays. Electronic signatures simply offer more security and convenience than printing, signing, and mailing documents. They serve as legal proof that the signer agrees with the content. SITS solutions allow you to digitally sign documents on computers, smartphones, or other devices anywhere legally, securely. Benefits:

  • Flexibility: Sign contracts or documents anywhere, from home office to your vacation home.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce expenses on printing, postage, and document storage.
  • Security: Minimize risks of loss and forgery with security features and digital authentication methods.
  • Efficiency: Track who signed when with automated approval workflows.
  • User-Friendly: Seamlessly integrate into your systems for quick document signing.
  • Faster Business Deals: Secure, intuitive, and signature-ready digital documents help close deals swiftly.

Authenticity and Integrity of Documents

The Risk of Forgery or Loss

Managing crucial documents in a safe manner presents challenges, from lost or misplaced contracts and reports to manipulated signatures and data integrity issues.

Your Business Challenges
Your Business Challenges
The traditional method of signing paper documents and storing them in filing cabinets carries many risks. Scanned documents without a digital signature aren't secure either. Here are some of the issues:

  • Forgery: It's challenging to verify the authenticity of a signature on paper, increasing the risk of forgery.
  • Loss: Paper documents can easily be stolen or lost, for instance, during mail transit or in a fire.
  • Unsafe Transmission and Storage: Scanned paper documents or other digital documents can't be securely transmitted electronically without additional security measures.
  • Lack of Integrity Check: Without a digital signature, companies can't ensure that documents haven't been tampered with during transmission.
  • Legal Issues: For documents where written form is mandatory, a scanned signature might not suffice for legal validity.
  • Poor Auditability: Tracking signature activities and performing compliance checks are challenging with paper-based processes.

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Digitale Signature Solutions by SITS
Protect Documents and Workflows with Signature Solutions.
SITS offers two digital signature solutions tailored for your IT infrastructure: fideAS® sign and keyon true-Sign. These solutions are designed to fit your specific needs, offering comprehensive advice and daily operational support if desired. Each solution varies in functionality, supported standards, IT system integration, and user interface, ensuring a perfect match for your digital signing requirements.
keyon true-Sign
Digitale Signatur von Dokumenten, Code und Makros
Get Digital Signatures for Documents, Codes, and Macros keyon true-Sign offers a comprehensive solution for the electronic signing of documents, code, and macros through centralized workflows or Windows systems. It features:

  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrates with your web browser, web service interfaces, or a Windows desktop environment.
  • Broad File Format Support: Accommodates all common Office and PDF file formats.
  • Signature Validation: Includes a service for validating electronic signatures, ensuring their legitimacy.
  • Timestamping: Adds current timestamps to PDF/A LTV-relevant documents with a service, keeping your digital signatures verified and up-to-date.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity: Signs executable code and M365 Office macros to proactively prevent cyber attacks.
  • Data Integrity: Ensures secure and legally compliant storage and archiving of large data volumes with proof of integrity.

fideAS® sign
Cloud-based Signatures
fideAS® sign simplifies cloud-based signatures and uses our German Signature Cloud with a BSI-certified location in Germany, offering:

  • No Installation Required: Ready to use cloud solution, no setup necessary.
  • DocuSign Integration: Smooth integration into DocuSign for large enterprises handling numerous signatures.
  • Workflow Adaptation: Tailors to your processes with integrated approval options and automation capabilities.
  • Customization: Supports various signature formats such as embedded PDF or CMS and applications like OCSP and MS SharePoint.
  • Legally Compliant: Provides eIDAS-compliant signatures, ensuring documents are legally signed within the EU.
  • Certificate Generation: Offers software key creation for your signatures without the need for a PKI upon request.

Digital Signatures: Your Benefits
Our solutions and consulting services offer you the following advantages:
Workflow Digitization
From cloud service to in-house solutions, our offerings are scalable and enable straightforward validation of signatures, whether directly or automated.
Simple and Personal Integration
Sign your documents with ease without switching applications, and with personality: Even a handwritten signature can be digitally integrated.
Cloud or Local
Digital signatures can be deployed via our cloud or locally within your infrastructure—we provide tailored advice and ensure swift implementation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, they're not quite the same, even though the terms are often used interchangeably. An electronic signature refers to any electronic marker or symbol used to sign a document. A digital signature, on the other hand, is a specific type of electronic signature that relies on cryptographic processes. This not only verifies the identity of the signer but also ensures the document's integrity.

Digitale signatures are usually quite secure as they rely on cryptographic procedures that authenticate the person signing them and the integrity of a document. The security relies on secure management of digital certificates and keys.

Digital signatures can sign a plethora of electronic documents, including contracts, invoices, forms, reports, and other business or legal documents.

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