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The XM Cyber 2022 Attack Path Management Impact Report is available now.

The XM Cyber 2022 Attack Path Management Impact Report is the industry’s first annual report that reveals the likelihood and impact of a breach, analyzes the attack techniques used to compromise an organization’s critical assets, and shares best practices to keep our most critical assets protected.

WETTINGEN, Switzerland and HERZLIYA, Israel, Oct. 27, 2022

XM Cyber and the Swiss IT Security Group (SITS Group), Europe’s two leading IT security companies for analysis, detection, and prevention of cyberattacks, as well as a wide range of secure managed services, today announced that they are joining forces to reduce cyber risk exposure for their customers across on-prem, SaaS, and cloud. Through this partnership, they will extend protection to the infrastructure of companies, public institutions, and public authorities.

According to a recent Bitkom study, nine out of ten companies confirm that they have already been the target of a cyberattack this year. These attacks have included data theft, espionage, and sabotage by professional cybercrime organizations. In addition, research shows that 94% of critical assets can be compromised within four steps of the initial breach point. The ability to see the security exposures and hygiene issues that exist across on-prem and cloud environments is more important than ever for organizations seeking to proactively reduce the attack surface and risk of attack.

“With XM Cyber’s unique Attack Path Management platform, we see cyberattacks from the attacker’s perspective before they happen, so we can cut off attack paths at key junctures and eradicate risk with a fraction of the effort,” said Dr. Christian Oversohl, CEO of SITS Group. “In combination with our service offering, we are thus offering an optimum level of protection, from initial detection to 24/7 monitoring, with immediate response in case of emergency. This allows us to significantly increase security and efficiency for our customers.”

XM Cyber’s Attack Path Management enables organizations to continuously reduce their risk exposure by uncovering hidden attack paths to businesses’ critical assets, identifying security controls gaps, and prioritizing security exposures, so organizations can focus remediation activities.

“Our solution gives organizations the clear advantage of a comprehensive picture of their IT security posture before a severe attack occurs,” said Noam Erez, CEO of XM Cyber. “Combined with the comprehensive IT security solutions and services of the SITS Group, we provide the best possible prevention against attacks and the ideal protection for corporate and government networks.”

SITS Group is currently showcasing its solutions in Hall 7 Stand 202 at IT security trade fair it-sa 2022, taking place this Tues-Thurs, Oct. 25-27, in Nuremberg, Germany. SITS Group and XM Cyber also collaborated in the Expert Talk “Threat Landscape,” sharing information on the current threat situation and demonstrating effective defense strategies based on current malware detection data. For more information on the expert talk, please visit: HTTPS://LNKD.IN/GBVXXCK9

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