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Migrating to the Microsoft cloud offers companies numerous advantages: Microsoft 365 enables them to work more productively, while Azure provides them with the ability to build infrastructures dynamically, thereby saving time and costs.

However, migrating and working in the cloud comes with a number of challenges: Compliance and data integrity must be guaranteed at all times, and data loss, leaks and unauthorized access must be prevented. The migration also needs to be efficient, fast and resource-friendly. And hybrid forms of work associated with the cloud (“working from anywhere”) entail additional risks that need to be managed.

A well elaborated cloud platform security strategy is therefore required to ensure maximum security and compliance – both during migration and when working in the cloud. With a tailored strategy, companies can protect their data, applications and infrastructures in Azure and Microsoft 365. They also receive information on how to identify current threats at an early stage and respond to them immediately.

The way to Cloud Readiness
Obstacles along the way to Cloud Transformation

For companies, switching to the Microsoft 365 Cloud often offers major productivity and security improvements. However, the migration raises a number of questions: How can the move to the cloud be completed securely? How can compliance and security be established if all data, apps and services are in the cloud?

The advantages of the Microsoft Cloud
The major risks when migrating to the Cloud
Strategies for improved security in the cloud
Collaborative and universally available
  • Work from anywhere, seamless collaboration and AI support: The Microsoft Cloud offers a number of advantages over the classic on-premise model - assuming companies implement appropriate security measures.
  • Work from anywhere: Hybrid cloud approaches enable access to data and services from anywhere. This gives employees more flexibility and productivity.
  • Automated updates: The continuous updating of software reduces the workload for the IT department, closes security gaps and thus prevents cyber attacks.
  • Cost efficiency: Reducing maintenance work on local networks and services saves costs and scales corporate IT as required.
  • Everything from a single source: By using one platform instead of several third-party products, companies save costs and work more productively.
  • Improved collaboration: M365 and tools such as Microsoft Teams ensure more productive collaboration as they speed up the exchange of information and allow several people to work on a document at the same time.
  • Integration of AI: The cloud-based AI assistant Microsoft Copilot increases productivity and supports employees in managing their daily tasks.
  • Centralized IT: A centralized platform with Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions is easier for the IT department to manage than fragmented local solutions.
  • International roll-out: Microsoft data centers can be rolled out quickly in other countries thanks to global availability.
  • High availability and performance: The Microsoft Cloud automatically ensures higher availability and scaling during peak loads.

What companies need to pay attention to
A well considered strategy is required to migrate securely to the Microsoft Cloud and use it securely. IT managers need to address the following issues and risks in particular:
  • Configuration errors: Many ransomware attacks exploit configuration errors that occurred during migration to the cloud.
  • Insider threats: If company resources are accessible from anywhere, the risk of unauthorized access increases.
  • Inadequate compliance and governance: Compliance breaches are a threat due to inadequate access management and control, for example. Depending on the industry, they can cause high costs.
  • Lack of data classification: The data that employees or AI are using in the cloud must be classified and specified. In addition, data access must be strictly controlled.

Reaching the goal with a well structured roadmap
In order to utilize the benefits of the cloud and reduce risks at the same time, companies should prepare carefully before the migration. This is the only way to ensure that data, services and user identities remain protected in the cloud.
Ideally, companies should have a certified Microsoft partner at their side who will tailor the Microsoft solution specifically to their IT structures and needs. The following points in particular should be taken into account:
  • Accurate migration: Companies must prepare comprehensively for the migration of applications, data and IT infrastructure to the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards: Compliance experts must ensure that industry-specific regulations are complied with and implemented.
  • Creation of emergency concepts: These are essential in order to ensure an immediate and adequate response in the event of a resource failure or cyber attack.
  • Identity and access management: An IAM ensures security through access management and protection. When moving to the cloud, an IAM system is essential.
  • Promoting awareness: Awareness training for employees ensures secure handling of the cloud and AI technologies.

Security just one click away!
Our Cloud-Experts take care of your transformation From migration and data security to comprehensive 360° set-up – our consulting services will help you take your company safely to the Microsoft Cloud.
Cloud Platform Security
Plan with care, migrate and work securely
Cloud Migration & Transformation with SITS
Cloud Compliance & Security Consulting
Cloud data security: ensuring data security
Cloud Migration & Transformation with SITS
The SITS expert teams ensure your secure path to the cloud: As a Microsoft partner, we carry out your migration project according to the principle of "security by design" from the very beginning. With consultations and workshops on "Cloud Migration & Transformation", we prepare you and your teams for the cloud transformation. We provide you with support during the migration and, if required, with a 24/7 managed service for day-to-day work with the cloud. This ensures that your cloud implementation can be used securely and reliably, that regulatory requirements are met and that threats are detected at an early stage. Further information on our migration and transformation consulting can be found here. Our "Cloud Migration & Transformation" offer includes the following services in particular:
  • Consulting: With workshops, a roadmap and consulting, we implement the transformation project sustainably in your company - in line with your budget and requirements.
  • Kick-off as a minimal viable product (MVP): The initial version of the cloud implementation is used for the first roll-out and testing with the first users and scenarios.
  • Optimization of the MVP: Based on user feedback, we expand and modify your first cloud environment.
  • Migration: Based on the results of the MVP, we support you with the migration to the cloud.
  • People Side of Change: Finally, our teams introduce organizational changes to day-to-day work - from IT admin to middle management to executive management.
  • Cloud optimization: After implementation, SITS experts continuously adapt the platform to current requirements and threats.
Cloud Compliance & Security Consulting
Every company is subject to specific regulations and (inter)national standards and regulations, such as KRITIS, BaFIN regulations, the GDPR, PCI-DSS, NIS2 directive and ISO/IEC 27001. They are obliged to strictly comply with the regulations that are applicable to them. Our cloud-based security and compliance consulting services ensure that you meet all information security and compliance regulations. At the same time, we strengthen your cyber security with cloud-based systems such as Defender XDR or Microsoft Purview You can find more information here. Your benefits at a glance:
  • Continuous monitoring of the cloud status for compliance with guidelines
  • Immediate detection of compliance violations
  • Identification of internal risks and threats
  • Optimization of technical processes
  • Technical implementation of regulatory requirements
  • Introduction of modern threat protection systems
Cloud data security: ensuring data security
The classification of data has not only become relevant for companies since the GDPR. The use of cloud services, the increase in mobile working and the use of AI solutions are giving the topic a whole new priority. Companies need to keep track of who is accessing which data. AI technologies such as Microsoft Copilot also offer new ways of obtaining and processing information. Every company therefore needs clear data security guidelines. Our consulting on cloud data security supports you in this. You can find more information on cloud data security here. Your benefits:
  • Secure use of cloud services
  • Compliance with regulatory standards
  • Technical support for data protection processes
  • Identification of sensitive and critical company data
  • Prevention and avoidance of data loss
  • Encryption of critical data
  • Technical establishment of retention and deletion periods
  • Secure and protected collaboration with external employees
Your advantages
Maximum security when moving to the cloud
Our tailored consulting services ensure secure migration to the Microsoft Cloud, its secure use and the protection of all your critical data. Your benefits:
Microsoft expertise
We offer comprehensive expertise and have direct contact with the Microsoft product teams. Our insider knowledge based on this guarantees state-of-the-art solutions.
Elite partner programs
Through our participation in exclusive partner programs, the vision and roadmap of Microsoft's cloud solutions flow directly into your projects. This gives you a head start in technological development.
Compliance expertise
We are represented in the "Microsoft Compliance PAC" - a committee of a few selected management consultants with special expertise in the area of security and compliance.
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